Travel Insurance Claims

Many people, having saved for the vacation of a lifetime, a long-awaited trip to see family or friends, or have had to book a last minute and very expensive trip for personal reasons, purchase travel insurance to protect themselves from what could amount to a substantial loss of money should they be forced to cancel their trip. Many of these policies exclude coverage for pre-existing illnesses, misrepresentations on an application for coverage, terrorism, and weather. However, it is possible to purchase additional coverage that allows the insured to cancel for almost any reason. Moreover, these insurance companies look for a way to deny claims whether or not the reason for cancellation is covered.

When the unforeseen illness, injury, or event becomes a reality, the insured files their claim expecting a full reimbursement. What too many come to find out is the insurance carrier is denying their claim due to one of the alleged exclusions. However, we have found in many cases that the insurance company has misrepresented circumstances surrounding the claim in order to apply one of the exclusionary terms and deny the claim. Depending on the level of coverage and the facts these claims can be fought and the denial quickly overturned.

Travel insurance is a growing business and like other types of insurance carriers, these companies are quick to offer what sounds like full coverage and then more quick to deny claims in order to make a profit. Before purchasing the insurance or before making a claim for coverage under the policy it is important to understand the requirements of the policy, the limitations and exclusions, as well as your rights as an insured.

At DI Law Group, our team of attorneys represent insured who have been denied the travel coverage to which they are entitled and we have successfully obtained these benefits for our clients.

If you have questions about your travel insurance policy, plan to file a claim, or have been denied coverage, contact us for a free consultation. Let us guide you through the complex insurance process and deal with your insurance company, so you do not have to.