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Is an Emergency Room Physician Working as a General Practice Physician Totally or Partially Disabled under a Disability Insurance Policy?

Whether an emergency room physician working as a general practice physician is totally disabled or partially/residually disabled under a disability insurance policy depends on the type of disability insurance policy that is at issue, and the law governing the policy and claim filed. However, under many "own occupation" disability insurance policies, an individual whose occupation at the time of "disability" was truly emergency room doctor should be considered "totally disabled" if he or she is unable to perform the material and substantial duties of an emergency room doctor. This should be regardless of whether the individual is working in a new occupation, even if the new occupation is as a general practice physician, such as an internal medicine doctor, primary care physician, hospitalist or the like. Of course, many times disability insurance companies will deny total disability claims filed by an emergency room physician if they are not handled properly from the beginning by the physician, and litigation will become necessary to achieve a proper result.

Do You Have True Own Occupation Disability Coverage? You may be surprised.

The definition of disability included in your disability income insurance policy may be the most critical term in the entire insurance contract.  This is particularly true in the medical profession where so many specialties exist and where the risk of disability from your occupation is high.  Being insured as a general practitioner, when you are in fact a specialist, may not provide you with coverage truly insures your own occupation.  Do you have true own occupation disability coverage?  You may be surprised.

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