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Waiver of Your Disability Benefits Archives

Can signing a severance agreement with your employer affect your disability benefit claim?

Signing a severance agreement with your employer can hugely affect your disability benefits claim.  In fact, by signing a severance agreement you can entirely waive your right to pursue your disability benefits claim. Most severance agreements drafted by your employer's lawyers include broad reaching language that requires that you agree to release your employer from any and all claims that you may have against your employer in exchange for, and in "consideration" of, the amount of money to be paid you under the severance agreement. The wording of severance agreements vary greatly, but no matter how broad or specific the language is within the severance agreement presented to you by your employer, the danger exists that in signing the severance agreement you are waiving your rights to your disability benefits claim under a group disability benefit plan provided to you by your employer as a benefit of your employment.

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