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Florida Insurance and Employee Benefit Lawyers Serving Clients Nationwide

The attorneys at DI Law Group have a great deal of knowledge and experience in representing clients in their disability, long-term care, health, and life insurance benefit claims. Our lawyers are skilled in handling the insurance and employee benefits process and have a reputation with the insurance companies, benefits administrators, and their own attorneys for aggressively representing our clients' rights both in and out of court.

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Lawyers at DI Law Group assist individuals at every stage of the process in insurance and employee benefit claims, including assistance in filing a claim, responding to a denial of benefits or a lack of response, managing a continuing claim, negotiating lump sum settlements (sometimes called "buyouts"), filing a complaint with the state or federal agency regulating companies, and filing a lawsuit in state or federal court when necessary. We are prepared to become involved at any stage of the process where our clients become uncomfortable dealing with the insurance company or benefits administrator themselves. Our extensive knowledge of this area of the law, coupled with our experience and skill in dealing with the unfair and unlawful tactics that insurance companies attempt to get away with can help you successfully navigate through the insurance and employee benefit claims process.

We recognize the importance of individualized attention and the development of a specific strategy for your unique situation. No one person's situation is identical to the next. This is why our attorneys are committed to reviewing each case file with a close eye, and conducting in-depth interviews with each of our clients and their treating doctors, family members, and other third parties when necessary.

We are not a high volume firm that sends out "run of the mill" generic paperwork in our representation of you. We are dedicated to aggressively identifying the unique issues of your case and asserting your rights under your specific type of insurance policy.

It is crucial to consult with an attorney who has the prerequisite special knowledge and understanding to be able to successfully handle insurance and employee benefit claims at all stages of the process, due to the complexities of the applicable law. An attorney proficient in insurance and employee benefits law and familiar with the unfair delay and denial tactics used by an insurance company, employer, or benefits administrator can help enforce your contractual right to benefits.

Not all attorneys have the experience and knowledge of insurance and employee benefit law necessary to effectively and successfully handle the unique types of benefit claims that our firm handles. We offer attorneys with that skill, experience and knowledge, and who also have a reputation with the insurance companies, benefits administrators, and their attorneys both in and out of court, and our clients, for aggressive representation of our clients in their insurance and benefit claims.

Let us deal with them for you. Contact us for a free initial consultation. We are committed to reviewing pertinent documentation and carefully listening to your story, and providing you with a realistic evaluation of your case that includes advising you of your legal options.