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Enforce Your Northwestern Mutual Policy With Our Help

If you have a disabling illness or injury, you understand how important it is to receive the insurance benefits outlined in your policy. Many insurance companies, including Northwestern Mutual, do not always honor these policies. As a result, your finances can quickly become strained, and you might experience significant stress.

We can help you. Based in Florida, our attorneys at Disability Insurance Law Group represent clients nationwide who have had claims delayed or denied by Northwestern Mutual. We have recovered millions of dollars in benefits during our 25-plus years in practice.

Sometimes Fair, Often Frustrating

Northwestern Mutual is one of the younger insurance companies, having been founded in 1969. Among the major insurance corporations, it is not as corrupt as most. It tends to accept more claims than it denies. However, it tends to offer a much lower amount than you deserve. Its staff can also make mistakes that cost you dearly if you do not catch them. If Northwestern denies your claim, it will aggressively fight any appeal you file.

Why Should I Hire An Insurance Lawyer?

Before you accept any settlement offer or buyout offer, consult an attorney. Even if it seems as if Northwestern Mutual is treating you fairly, remain skeptical. Insurance providers are for-profit companies that care much more about making money than honoring their policies. Hiring us to represent you ensures that you have a fair footing against giants like Northwestern. We make sure they will not take advantage of you.

Speak With Our Attorneys For Free

You deserve the advocacy of Disability Insurance Law Group as you fight to secure the disability insurance benefits for which you have paid. We offer free, no-risk initial consultations; call us today to schedule yours. Please reach our Fort Lauderdale office at 954-633-8811 or send us an email.