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Fighting Against Unfair Treatment By Unum

Over many decades, Unum Group has become one of the country’s largest insurance providers. Being one of the largest, however, does not mean being one of the best. Thousands of Unum claimants find themselves struggling to recover disability insurance benefits due to delayed or denied claims.

We know because our insurance attorneys have helped thousands of clients enforce their policies with Unum. We are Disability Insurance Law Group, a Florida law firm that represents clients throughout the U.S. in their fight to get disability insurance benefits.

A Long Legacy Of Unfairness

Unum Group is the result of several mergers of smaller insurance companies into one large giant. Several major court rulings dating back to the 1990s have made clear that Unum frequently acts in bad faith to its policyholders. Fortunately, the company no longer has a reputation for recklessly denying claims. Unfortunately, it still often delays claims for an unreasonably long time or offers settlements of much less than what it owes its policyholders.

We Know The Tactics Unum Uses

In our extensive experience handling disability insurance law, we have come to learn the various strategies used by insurance companies. From our experience, we know that Unum often denies claims or offers a low settlement but with a well prepared Appeal, denials are often overturned. Even if you already received a denial or a settlement offer from Unum, our lawyers can help you by hiring vocational experts, gathering medical evidence and preparing a strong appeal.

Get Our Help In The Fight For Disability Coverage

If you need a lawyer’s help to get the coverage that Unum’s policy promised you, Disability Insurance Law Group is ready to fight. Contact us at our Fort Lauderdale office to schedule a free, no-risk initial consultation. You can call 954-633-8811 or send us an email to begin.