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Seventh Circuit Upholds District Court’s Decision that a Claimant with Fibromyalgia was Disabled under her ERISA Governed Disability Plan and Commented on the Disabling Nature of Fibromyalgia.

In a recent case, Kennedy v. The Lilly Extended Disability Plan, No. 16-2314, __F.3d__, 2017 WL 2178091 (7th Cir. May 18, 2017), the Seventh Circuit Court, overturned a disability insurance benefit denial of a claimant with fibromyalgia. The claimant in the Kennedy...

Court Determines That Liberty Life Unreasonably Refused To Consider A Claimant’s Subjective Complaints Of Pain In A Disability Insurance Claim Involving Fibromyalgia.

Another district court has found that Liberty Life failed to give a claimant a full and fair review of her claim for long-term disability benefits. Ruth Ann Hare suffered from fibromyalgia, forcing her to leave her physically demanding job and request disability...