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Dedicated Disability Insurance Claim Attorneys in Naples, Florida

At Disability Insurance Law Group, our Naples claims attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience representing policyholders in Florida and nationwide.

It is important to us that everyone has a fair chance at putting the disability coverage they paid for to use when they need it. We believe that is what it is for and that relying on the coverage is more than an agreement between the insured and the insurance company; it is the law.

Our Collier County disability insurance claims attorneys understand that suffering a disabling injury or being diagnosed with a disabling condition that will keep you from working changes the physical, emotional, and financial landscape — no matter how much savings a person may have. This is what disability insurance is for. It provides peace of mind and financial protection in uncertain times.

When the insurance company disputes or denies a disability claim, the disabled person and their families risk losing everything they have worked so hard to build. We want to help ensure that does not happen.

If you have disability insurance, no matter where you live in the U.S. or which insurance provider carries your policy, contact our skilled Naples disability insurance claims attorneys today to learn more about your legal rights and options to pursue the benefits outlined in your coverage.

Disability insurance claims

What Type of Disability Insurance Claims Does Disability Insurance Law Group Handle?

At Disability Insurance Law Group, our Naples attorneys represent clients in all 50 states with a sincere focus on pursuing their disability coverage so they can access the benefits they are entitled to, no matter which type of disability insurance they carry.

Our disability insurance claims attorneys in Naples represent policyholders nationwide who have:

  • Private disability insurance policies.
  • Employer-provided/group disability benefit plans.

Most insurance benefits offered through employment are governed by a federal law called ERISA. Unlike private insurance policies, claims governed by ERISA are subject to particular, restrictive rules.

Understanding your rights and obligations under your specific policy or benefit plan can mean the difference between obtaining the benefits you deserve and a denied claim. We can help, starting with a free consultation today.

Who is Disability Insurance Designed to Protect?

Disability insurance is designed for individuals who want to protect their income and financial security if they cannot work due to a disability or illness. It is a form of insurance that provides income replacement when you cannot perform the duties of your occupation due to a covered disability.

Disability insurance is particularly relevant for the following groups, all of whom we represent with the sole intent of winning their claims:

  • Working Professionals

Anyone who relies on their income to support themselves or their family should consider disability insurance. This includes doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, and other professionals whose ability to work is essential to their financial stability.

  • Self-Employed Individuals

Self-employed individuals often lack the safety net of employer-provided disability benefits. Disability insurance can be essential for sole proprietors, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

  • Employees Without Sufficient Employer Coverage

While some employers offer disability insurance as an employee benefit, the coverage may not be sufficient to replace a significant portion of an individual’s income. In such cases, purchasing additional individual disability insurance can fill the gap.

  • Individuals Without Adequate Savings

Many people do not have enough savings to cover their living expenses if they cannot work for an extended period due to a disability. Disability insurance can provide a source of income during this time.

  • Breadwinners

Individuals who are the primary earners in their households have a significant responsibility to provide for their families. Disability insurance can help ensure that financial obligations are met even if the primary earner cannot work due to a disability.

  • Young Professionals

Disability insurance can be particularly valuable for young professionals with significant student loan debt and just starting to build their careers and financial security.

  • Blue-Collar Workers

Individuals in physically demanding occupations, such as construction workers, factory workers, and tradespeople, may have a higher risk of injury. Disability insurance can provide crucial income support if they cannot work due to an injury or illness.

  • Sole Providers

Single parents or individuals who are the sole financial providers for their families have a particularly strong need for disability insurance to ensure their dependents are cared for in case of a disability.

  • Anyone Who Wants to Protect Their Income

Essentially, anyone who relies on their income to meet financial obligations, pay bills, and maintain their quality of life should consider disability insurance to protect their financial security.

At Disability Insurance Law Group, we help everyone — no matter their occupation, disabling condition, insurance provider, or where they live in the United States — file their initial claims or fight a dispute or denial so they have the representation they need to obtain the disability benefits they have paid for.

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