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Reliance Standard Disability Insurance Claim

If you have a short-term or long-term disability insurance policy with Reliance Standard, you probably expected that it would pay your claim promptly as promised in your policy. Unfortunately, far too many people find that Reliance Standard drags out their claims, offers settlements that are much too low or simply deny a perfectly valid claim for a flimsy reason.

For more than 25 years, our insurance attorneys at Disability Insurance Law Group have represented claimants in Florida and the U.S. in their fight to get disability insurance benefits from insurance providers that are acting unfairly. Reliance Standard is just one of the insurers that we have to take on in the battle for fair insurance coverage for our clients.

How Reliance Standard Fails Its Claimants

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company uses many of the schemes common in the insurance industry to deny policyholders’ claims and line its own pockets. A few of the methods we often see include:

  • Delayed responses
  • Surveillance of claimants
  • Unreasonable standards of evidence
  • Biased doctors
  • Bad faith denials

The company is so adamant about refusing to pay its customers’ fees that it even went before the Supreme Court of the United States in 2010. The Supreme Court ruled against them, insisting that it pay the fees that it owed the plaintiff.

We Level The Playing Field

Although Reliance Standard is known for fighting claims, we have the power to advocate for you. We have recovered millions of dollars total for our clients against powerful insurers like Reliance. Whether you need to appeal a denial or escalate the matter through a lawsuit, we level the playing field so you can take on titans in the disability insurance industry.

At Disability Insurance Law Group, We Also Offer Insurance Claims For The Following companies:

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