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Macular Edema Disability Claims Attorneys Representing Policyholders Nationwide

At Disability Insurance Law Group, our nationwide claims attorneys know macular edema — a buildup of fluid in the macula in the back of the eye — cannot be cured but can be treated when caught in the early stages. Even then, the recovery is slow and gradual and may take months, depending on the person.

This fluid causes the macula to thicken and swell and can be caused by:

  • Damaged retinal blood vessels leaking fluid.
  • Abnormal blood vessels growing in the retina.

If left untreated, it can lead to:

  • Irreversible damage to the macula.
  • Severe vision loss.
  • Permanent vision loss.
  • Blindness.

This is where disability insurance can make an essential difference in the lives of those with macular edema.

When a disability insurance claim is denied, it can physically, emotionally, and financially devastate macular edema sufferers. We want to help.

Macular Edema Disability Claims Attorneys

Our national macular edema disability insurance attorneys assist policyholders throughout the U.S. in strategically submitting their claims by outlining the severity of their conditions, compiling the necessary medical records to support their disabilities, and negotiating with their private or employer-provided insurer to achieve the benefits they are entitled to for their impairment.

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When is Macular Edema Considered an Impairment?

While the determination of whether macular edema is considered a disability is fact-specific and depends on the individual case. However, losing your vision in any capacity — even during treatment — can significantly hinder an individual’s ability to work.

Determining whether macular edema is considered an impairment for disability insurance purposes typically depends on the specific terms and definitions outlined in the insurance policy. Disability insurance policies vary, and they may have criteria for what qualifies as a covered disability.

Whether you have a private disability insurance policy or a group policy governed by challenging ERISA laws and deadlines,

When assessing whether macular edema qualifies as a covered impairment, we will:

  • Review The Policy Language

Our nationwide macular edema insurance claims attorneys will carefully read your disability insurance policy to understand how it defines a covered disability. We will outline the specific language related to impairments and disabilities and the criteria to be met for a condition to be considered a covered disability.

  • Check for Occupational Impairment

Many disability insurance policies require that the insured person cannot perform the duties of their own occupation. We will help you determine whether the policy considers macular edema or related vision impairments a qualifying occupational impairment condition.

  • Consult the Policy’s List of Covered Conditions

Some policies list specific medical conditions that are automatically considered covered disabilities. We can help outline your temporary or permanent disability to ensure the specifics involving macular edema are covered.

  • Understand Limitations and Exclusions

We will review any limitations or exclusions outlined in the policy, including exclusions for pre-existing conditions, waiting periods, or certain types of impairments.

  • Outline the Medical Documentation

Disability insurance claims require supporting medical documentation and other evidence that outlines the existence of a disability. We will help ensure that your medical records clearly outline the impact of macular edema on your ability to work and perform essential job functions.

If ERISA governs your disability insurance, the specific information about the terms of your policy, the documentation required for a claim, and the process for filing a disability claim become more stringent and may be denied immediately if specific rules, deadlines, and other requirements are not followed to the letter.

Whether your disability insurance coverage was underwritten as a private or employer-provided policy, we have over 50 years of combined experience pursuing all insurance coverages and corporations for the benefits policyholders nationwide deserve. We can help you understand your rights and options under the terms of your policy and applicable laws, starting with a free consultation.

At Disability Insurance Law Group, we also offer insurance claims for the following conditions:

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