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A Few Of Our Successes

Disability Insurance Law Group has a proven track record of success both in and out of the courtroom. We have successfully appealed and/or the great majority of our cases and have collected millions of dollars in insurance benefits for our clients. Our team is highly regarded and well-known for our many victories at the federal district and appellate court levels as well as for our high success rate in overturning wrongfully delayed or denied insurance claims prior to litigation.

Win: 11th Circuit Appeal Against The NFL

Disability Insurance Law Group successfully appealed to the Eleventh Circuit, overturning a district court ruling denying our client NFL disability benefits. On October 15th, 2020, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ruled in favor of our client, Darren Mickell, in the case, Mickell v. Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Players Retirement Plan. The Eleventh Circuit held that the NFL abused its discretion when it denied disability benefits to Mr. Mickell under the NFL Player’s Retirement Plan (The Plan) because it ignored substantial evidence submitted by Mr. Mickell’s attorneys, cherry-picked evidence, and failed to consider the combined impact of Mr. Mickell’s various conditions and limitations.

Win: Southern District of Florida Court determines that our client is disabled and Aetna unreasonably denied his claim

In the case of Gharagozloo v. Aetna, Disability Insurance Law Group successfully obtained disability insurance benefits for our client, overturning Aetna’s denial of benefits. Our client worked for the University of Miami as a data processor. He had severe carpal tunnel syndrome and had surgery on both hands. He returned to work following the surgery, but overtime his condition worsened. He attempted to work part-time, but ultimately could not continue to work. Aetna denied his claim, based on the opinions of two physicians it hired to review our client’s records. Disability Insurance Law Group filed suit in the Southern District of Florida Federal Court. The Court found that Aetna’s decision was both wrong and unreasonable. In so doing, the Court rejected all of Aetna’s arguments and attacked the reliability Aetna’s hired medical reviewers’ opinions.

Win: Client awarded benefits by Guardian Insurance, concluding litigation in the Middle District of Florida

Our client, Dr. Susan L., became disabled from her occupation as a gastroenterologist after suffering injuries to her leg and hand during two falls. She was approved for disability insurance benefits by Guardian Insurance Company. Several years later, Guardian denied her claim based on a vocational evaluation by an analyst employed by Guardian. Disability Insurance Law Group filed suit in the Middle District of Florida Federal Court. The parties engaged in discovery. Prior to trial, Guardian conceded that its claim decision was wrong, it paid all back benefits owed, and it reinstated Dr. L’ s benefits.

Win: Disability Insurance Law Group successfully overturns denial of disability benefits under the Group AT&T Disability Insurance Plan

Our client, Mr. C., worked for AT&T for several years. He became disabled and was awarded short-term disability benefits. However, after a few weeks his claim was terminated by AT&T’s third-party administrator, Sedgwick. Mr. C. retained Disability Insurance Law Group to appeal the short-term disability claim denial and to seek benefits under his long-term disability policy. We hired an independent medical expert to conduct a Functional Capacity Evaluation, gathered all of his medical records, obtained sworn statements from his physicians, and submitted a comprehensive appeal letter to Sedgwick. We also applied for long-term disability benefits, submitting the information gathered. The claim denial was overturned, and Mr. C. was also awarded long-terms disability benefits.

Win: Disability Insurance Law Group overturned Unum’s disability benefits denial and obtained benefits for our client

Our client, Ms. L. worked as a Cardiovascular ECG-Supervisor. After undergoing back surgery, she attempted to go back to work. However, she was unable to handle the demands of her occupation. She took a less physically demanding position, on a part-time basis. She filed for disability insurance benefits under the terms of her Unum policy through her employment. Under the policy, Ms. L. is entitled to benefits if she was unable to perform the duties of her pre-disability occupation and suffers a loss in income. Unum denied Ms. L.’s claim for benefits, asserting that she could perform her prior job. Ms. L. hired Disability Insurance Law Group to appeal Unum’s denial. We retained an independent expert to evaluate Ms. L.’s condition and limitations, obtained written statements from her physicians, gathered her medical evidence, hired a vocational expert to render an analysis of her earning ability, and prepared a detailed appeal letter. Based on this information, Unum overturned its claim denial and awarded our client disability insurance benefits.

Win: Administrative Appeal Against Met Life

We secured all past and ongoing disability benefits for our client who could not work due to chronic, debilitating cervical and lumbar pain. Mrs. Y filed a claim for disability insurance with MetLife and was initially approved. After a year of receiving benefits, MetLife terminated Mrs. Y’s benefits based on surveillance video footage which showed Mrs. Y driving to a doctor’s appointment, eating lunch at a fast-food restaurant, and taking her small dog for a short walk over a 3-day period. MetLife claimed that this illustrated that Ms. Y was more functional than she indicated. Mrs. Y hired Disability Insurance Law Group to prepare her administrative appeal. Our Firm broke down the video footage minute by minute and established that Mrs. Y engaged in very limited activity for less than 7% of the entire three-day period. We had her physicians evaluate the video and prepare a detailed response explaining why the activity on the video was not inconsistent with Mrs. Y’s stated functional limitations. Finally, we had Mrs. Y undergo functional capacity testing with a medical expert, establishing her severe restrictions. The expert also prepared a report refuting MetLife’s claims regarding the surveillance footage. Based on the detailed and comprehensive appeal prepared by the attorneys at Disability Insurance Law Group, MetLife reversed its denial of benefits, paid all benefits owed to date, and Mrs. Y remains on claim.

Win: Benefits Under A Cigna Disability Policy For Claimant Suffering From Fibromyalgia

Ms. R, the executive of a large corporation, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. All of her treating physicians opined that she was unable to work. Despite this, Cigna denied her claim for long-term disability benefits, alleging that she did not submit sufficient evidence of her disability. Ms. R. retained Disability Insurance Law Group to prepare an appeal of Cigna’s denial of benefits. In preparing her appeal, Disability Insurance Law Group obtained expert medical and vocational opinions establishing Ms. R.’s inability to work, interviewed and secured statements from Ms. R.’s physicians, and interviewed and gathered witness statements from Ms. R. and her family and friends. Disability Insurance Law Group prepared a detailed appeal letter outlining Cigna’s unreasonable claims handling process and addressing the flaws in Cigna’s hired medical reviewers’ opinions and submitted the voluminous proof it gathered to Cigna. As a result of the information contained in the Appeal, Cigna overturned its denial and Ms. R remains on claim.

Win: Appeal Against Cigna For Denial of Long-Term Disability Benefits For Traumatic Brain Injury, Mental/Nervous Disorder & Physical Conditions

Ms. Doe suffered a serious traumatic brain injury, which impacted all aspects of her life. She filed a claim with her insurer, Cigna, which ultimately denied her claim. Ms. Doe hired Disability Insurance Law Group to appeal Cigna’s claim denial. Our Firm retained an independent neuropsychologist to perform testing, which established the severity of Ms. Doe’s impairments. Additionally, our Firm obtained sworn testimony from Ms. Doe’s physicians outlining her limitations. Disability Insurance Law Group submitted this information along with a comprehensive appeal letter attacking the inconsistencies in Cigna’s claim denial letter and its hired physician’s report. We are happy to report that our firm was able to secure a win on appeal and obtained all benefits owed to Ms. Doe.

Win: Appeal Results In Cigna/LINA Overturning Denial Of Benefits For Lupus And Fibromyalgia Claim

After suffering from the debilitating effects of lupus and fibromyalgia, Ms. X turned to her insurer, Cigna, for disability benefits to which she was entitled under her policy. When Cigna initially denied Ms. X’s long-term disability claim, she enlisted our firm’s help. We submitted a detailed appeal on Ms. X’s behalf, with supporting documentation explaining why it was so crucial for her to receive benefits. Our firm was successful on appeal, as Cigna/Life Insurance Company of North America (LINA) ultimately overturned the denial of benefits and approved of Ms. X’s long-term disability claim.

Win: Disability Approval By MetLife And Guardian Berkshire For Doctor With Neck And Back Pain

Dr. B. suffered from debilitating neck and back pain. Ultimately, he was no longer able to treat patients. Dr. B. had two disability insurance policies, a group policy through a medical association and a private policy, which were supposed to pay benefits if he was unable to perform the duties of his occupation. Dr. B. knew other professionals who had to apply for disability insurance benefits and their claims were unreasonably delayed or denied by their insurance carriers. Accordingly, Dr. B. searched for a disability insurance attorney prior to applying for benefits. He was referred to Disability Insurance Law Group by two colleagues. Our Firm walked Dr. B. through the application process, worked closely with his physicians to gather the evidence required and point out deceptive insurance company questions on their claim forms, retained a medical expert to conduct a Functional Capacity Evaluation establishing the severity of Dr. B.’s condition, and represented Dr. Brown during his insurance company interviews. When Dr. B.’s private insurance company, MetLife, did not pay benefits immediately following the elimination period, claiming it was “still investigating” his claim, Disability Insurance Law Group required that MetLife pay him under a “reservation of rights” to avoid financial strain through the investigation. Both MetLife and Guardian / Berkshire paid Dr. B. all benefits owed under the policies.

Win: Our Law Firm Successfully Resolves Cardiac Claim Against Disability Insurance Company

Our client was a litigation attorney for a large law Firm. He developed a severe cardiac condition and could not continue to litigate cases. He applied for disability insurance benefits under his group disability policy which he obtained through his employment and under a private policy he purchased years earlier. Both claims were denied. He then hired Disability Insurance Law Group to seek the denied benefits. Our Firm worked closely with his physicians to gather his medical evidence and obtain statements attacking the medical conclusions reached by the insurance companies’ physicians. He also retained an expert cardiologist who examined our client, reviewed his records, and rendered an opinion that he was disabled. We submitted an appeal of the claim denial to the group policy insurance company and a demand for payment to the private insurance company along with a complaint to the Florida Department of Financial Services. Both denials were overturned, and our client was awarded the benefits he deserved.

Win: Our Law Firm Successfully Halts Liberty Mutual’s Attempt To Terminate Disability Benefits With An Independent Medical Examination (IME)

Our client, Ms. J., was receiving disability benefits through her disability insurer, Liberty Mutual. Ms. J. was also determined to be disabled from any gainful employment by the Social Security Administration. Ms. J.’s Liberty Mutual policy defined disability for the first 24 months as the inability to perform the duties of her prior occupation (“Own Occupation stage”). After 24 months, it defined disability as the inability to perform the duties of any occupation (“Any Occupation” stage). Three months prior to the change in definition, Liberty Mutual required Ms. J. to attend a Compulsory Medical Examination (“CME”) by a physician it hired. She complied. Based on the results of the CME report, Liberty Mutual terminated her benefits, alleging that she could perform sedentary work within the healthcare industry. Our firm was retained by Ms. J. to appeal the claim denial. We hired a medical expert to conduct a thorough examination of Ms. J. and review of her medical evidence. The expert also reviewed Liberty Mutual’s CME report and attacked the conclusions. We also obtained statements from Ms. J.’s physicians outlining Ms. J.’s limitations and secured her social security file. This information was submitted to Liberty Mutual with a comprehensive appeal letter. Liberty Mutual overturned its termination of benefits, Ms. J. was awarded all back benefits owed to her, and she continues to receive disability benefits.

Win: Our Law Firm Successfully Resolves Long-Term Care Claim Against Genworth

A 91-year-old woman was entitled to home health care benefits under her long-term care policy with Genworth Insurance Company. Unfortunately, many long-term care insurance companies take advantage of insureds that are ill or elderly and do not have the physical and/or mental stamina to deal with their unfair, and often unconscionable, delay tactics. This was the case with Ms. W. Genworth delayed making a determination for several months and then ultimately denied her claim. Ms. W.’s children hired our Firm to help obtain the benefits Ms. W. deserved and the medical care she desperately needed. We worked with the facility to establish the medical necessity of the care and submitted a demand letter to Genworth and a complaint to the Florida Department of Financial Services. Genworth overturned the denial and covered all expenses.

Win: Appeal Results In MetLife Overturning Denial Of Benefits For Depression And Anxiety Claim

Mr. X was a successful stockbroker in New York. Sadly, as the result of family-related issues, including the death of his mother after a prolonged battle with cancer, he experienced severe anxiety and major depression. Ultimately, he was unable to continue to work as a stockbroker. Mr. X applied for benefits under the terms of his MetLife disability insurance policy. After a prolonged “investigation,” MetLife denied Mr. X.’s claim, asserting that his medical records did not clearly establish limitations or an inability to work in his occupation. Mr. X hired Disability Insurance Law Group to fight the claim denial. We obtained expert medical and vocational e Biden e establishing Mr. X’s disability. MetLife overturned its denial of benefits.

Win: We Successfully Overturned MetLife’s Disability Insurance Denial Of Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. A was a school teacher who became unable to handle the demands of her job due to a herniated disc, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. She applied for benefits under the MetLife disability insurance policy that she obtained through her employment. For the first 24 months, her MetLife policy defined disability as the inability to perform the duties of her prior occupation (“Own Occupation stage”). After 24 months, the definition of disability changed to the inability to perform the duties of any occupation (“Any Occupation” stage). After receiving benefits for 23 months, MetLife sent Ms. A. a letter stating that it was terminating benefits. MetLife alleged that she could work in a sedentary occupation and claimed that its vocational analyst identified three occupations that she could perform. Ms. A. hired Disability Insurance Law Group to appeal the claim denial. We interviewed her physicians and obtained detailed statements regarding Ms. A.’s limitations. Disability Insurance Law Group hired an independent medical expert to examine Ms. A and review her records. She rendered a report outlining Ms. A.’s functional limitations. Our Firm also retained an independent vocational analyst to assess Ms. A.’s employability. He performed a transferable skills analysis, determining that Ms. A. was not capable of maintaining gainful employment, including the jobs listed by MetLife. This information was submitted with a thorough appeal letter. MetLife overturned its claim termination.

Win: We Successfully Overturned Standard Insurance’s Denial Of Disability Benefits For Accountant With Multiple Sclerosis

As a partner at a large accounting firm for nine years, Mr. D started to experience severe and debilitating symptoms. He was ultimately diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Unfortunately, Mr. D’s condition continued to deteriorate and eventually he was unable to continue to work. He filed a claim for long-term disability benefits under the terms of his group policy issued by Standard Insurance Company. Standard denied his claim, alleging he was actually suffering from MS, but rather from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), which Standard claimed was only mildly limiting his functionality. His MS experts encouraged him to contact Disability Insurance Law Group, Mr. D. retained our Firm, and we submitted an appeal on his behalf outlining the unreasonableness of the denial and highlighting the extensive evidence of his condition and limitations. The denial was overturned, Mr. D. was awarded all back benefits owed, and he remains on claim.

Win: We Successfully Reversed Prudential’s Denial Of Short-Term Disability Benefits And Obtains Long-Term Disability Benefits For Attorney Disabled By Multiple Sclerosis

Ms. V. was an accomplished attorney at a medium-sized law firm when she began experiencing severe fatigue and vertigo. Overtime, her symptoms progressed and became more concerning. She was unfortunately diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Ultimately, her condition became so severe that she was unable to continuing working. Ms. V. filed a claim for disability insurance benefits with her insurer, Prudential. Despite the support of her treating experts, Prudential denied her claim alleging that there was insufficient objective evidence of her disability. One of the other partners in her law firm encouraged her to contact Disability Insurance Law Group. She retained our Firm to fight Prudential’s claim denial. We obtained Ms. V.’s medical records which noted that Ms. V. Was complaining of severe physical and cognitive impairments. We retained an independent medical expert to conduct functional testing, which established that she was suffering from significant physical limitations and restrictions. We also hired an independent neuropsychologist to conduct testing, which revealed that Ms. V. Was suffering from MS related cognitive impairments. This information was submitted with a detailed appeal letter addressing that her symptoms were consistent with her condition and prevented her from working as an attorney. Prudential had the information evaluated by their in-house physician who ultimately agreed with are assessment. Prudential overturned its denial and Ms. V was awarded benefits under her short-term and long-term disability policies.

Win: We Successfully Overturned Prudential’s Termination Of Lupus Claimants Disability Insurance Claim

Ms. X suffered from severe and systemic lupus for many years. Overtime, her condition worsened, and symptoms became debilitating. Ms. X filed a disability insurance claim with her insurer, Prudential Insurance Company and her benefits were approved. She received benefits without issue for almost two years before Prudential abruptly and without notice terminated her benefits. Unable to work and reliant on those benefits, Ms. X retained Disability Insurance Law Group to fight her claim denial. We worked closely with Ms. X’s physicians and obtained sworn statements establishing her continued disability. We also obtained video testimony from Ms. X illustrating her symptoms and limitations. Further, we retained vocational and medical experts, who opined that she remained disabled. This information was submitted with a detailed administrative appeal letter. We were able to successfully overturn Prudential’s termination of benefits and reinstate the benefits Ms. X deserved.

Win: Delayed Claim Approved After Our Law Firm Attends Field Interview

Ms. R enjoyed a fulfilling career as a pharmacist for many years when she started to notice vision impairment. Within a short period of time, her vision rapidly declined. Ultimately, she was diagnosed as being legally blind by her physician. Unable to safely perform her duties as a pharmacist, Ms. R filed a claim for disability insurance benefits under the terms of her Hartford Insurance policy. Hartford engaged in a prolonged “investigation” of her claim, delaying the payment of benefits. After several months, Hartford informed Ms. R that it required an in-person field interview and would be sending an investigator to her home. Hartford stated that following the interview, Hartford would be scheduling a Compulsory Medical Examination of Ms. R and a Hartford physician would need to speak with her physicians before a decision could be made. Frustrated by them delay and concerned about falling victim to the insurance company’s deceptive denial tactics, Ms. R retained Disability Insurance Law Group. We informed Hartford that the interview would be conducted at our office and in our presence. We obtained sworn statements from her physicians and brought them to the interview. We also demanded that Hartford pay benefits within a set period of time, or we would have to file a lawsuit. The interview was conducted a few days after we were retained and within a week Hartford paid Ms. R all benefits, she was owed.

How Can Our Legal Team Help You With Your Claim?

As you can see, insurance companies use many tactics to deny claimants the benefits they deserve. You don’t have to fight the insurance company on your own. If you are considering filing a disability claim, have issues with insurance companies’ requests for an IME or other documents, have received a denial letter, or just have questions about the insurance claim process, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation. We handle cases nationwide. Call 954-633-8811 today.