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At Disability Insurance Law Group, our Florida and nationwide physician insurance claims attorneys know our clients have made significant investments — including time, money, education, and training — to advance their careers and become the doctors they always wanted to be.

Once they make it to this position — whether they work for themselves, operate a practice, or work for a medical facility — their unique capabilities are the most important financial asset they have going forward.

When the unexpected happens, and they cannot work because of an injury or illness, filing a long-term disability insurance claim can help ensure their livelihoods are not lost.

The challenge is actually collecting disability insurance benefits after filing a claim, as insurance providers will do all they can to dispute or deny it. If there has been a change in your ability to work as a doctor, our disability insurance attorneys represent physicians in Florida and throughout the U.S. who are facing resistance from their insurance companies, so they can pursue the benefits they deserve to move forward with confidence

What is the Difference Between Total Disability and Residual Disability for Doctors?

Physician disability policies usually provide two definitions for a disability: total and residual disability, which is defined by a physician’s overall ability to work.

Total disability is usually defined by a doctor’s illness or injury that leaves them unable to perform the substantial or material duties of their occupation. These are the acts required to perform their job and cannot be reasonably left out or modified. 

If you are suffering from an illness or injury that leaves you unable to perform the substantial or material duties of your occupation, as defined by the language in your unique disability insurance policy, you may be eligible to collect total disability benefits and work in another industry/profession.

Residual disability is defined by a doctor’s inability to perform one or more of the important duties of their occupation or are unable to perform duties they were performing pre-disability.

To qualify for residual disability, doctors must have — and be able to show through financial records — a 15% or a 20% loss of their pre-disability income. Both the pre-disability income and the percentage of loss will also be defined by the unique language in each physician’s disability policy.

To determine which disability claim is right for you, as a physician, we will help you outline an extensive and well-documented medical history and other crucial documentation that provides the evidence necessary to achieve results. Together, we can objectively show the change in your condition, and pursue the benefits you deserve.

At Disability Insurance Law Group, we also offer insurance claims for the following occupations:

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No matter which insurance company holds your physician disability insurance spolicy, or if you have already been denied disability benefits, our attorneys will provide the exact legal representation you need to pursue results. We are more than disability insurance lawyers for doctors in Florida and throughout the U.S.: We are client advocates who represent real people, not case numbers, who have a real need to pursue their disability insurance policies for the coverage they have paid for as doctors.

Allow us to take the lead in your case and pursue real results that allow you to enjoy the quality of life that comes with putting your claim behind you, just as we have successfully done for thousands of professionals across the nation.

Contact our skilled disability insurance attorneys for doctors today by calling 954-989-9000 or contact us online to schedule a completely free and confidential case assessment, so we can put our over 50 years of combined experience to work for you — no matter where you work or live in the U.S.

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