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Trusted Disability Insurance Claim Attorneys in Orlando, Florida

At Disability Insurance Law Group, our Orlando claims attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience representing policyholders in Florida and throughout the U.S.

When our clients suffer from a disabling condition, every aspect of their lives changes, requiring life-altering arrangements for them and their families. Disability insurance benefits are designed to soften the need for these modifications so they can regain control of their lives and confidently move forward.

Our Orange County disability insurance lawyers handle initial claims, appeals, lump sum negotiations, and lawsuits on behalf of policyholders nationwide because we know obtaining and preserving their benefits is crucial to their quality of life.

Millions of people in the U.S. are managing disabilities that have changed their lives. They should also not have to fight with their insurance companies for policy benefits. We aggressively fight to protect our client’s rights at all process stages so they can successfully pursue the benefits from their private or employer-paid disability coverage without delay.

Contact our skilled Orlando disability insurance claims attorneys today to learn more about your legal rights and options to pursue your policy for the benefits outlined in your coverage.

Can the Disability Insurance Law Group Handle My Disability Claim?

Disability insurance is designed to give policyholders the peace of mind to adjust to their altered conditions without suffering from the potentially catastrophic financial fallout that results from being unable to work.

When these claims are disputed or denied, it adds significant stress and anxiety that can further their disabling conditions, causing irreparable physical, emotional, and financial harm.

Not on our watch.

At Disability Insurance Law Group, our Orlando attorneys represent clients in all 50 states with a sincere focus on pursuing their disability coverage so they can access the benefits they are entitled to, no matter which type of disability insurance they carry.

We represent policyholders nationwide who have:

  • Private disability insurance policies.
  • Group disability benefit plans (typically governed by ERISA).

No matter which type of disability insurance policy you have, our skilled claims attorneys will:

  • Explain your rights as a disability insurance policyholder as determined by your state’s laws.
  • Review your disability insurance coverage to outline the terms and conditions.
  • File a claim for short-term and long-term benefits.
  • Contest a claim denial or delay.
  • Negotiate a lump sum buyout of your claim.
  • Manage an ongoing lawsuit for policy benefits.

Understanding your rights and obligations defined by your disability policy or employer-provided plan can mean the difference between obtaining the benefits you deserve and a denied claim. This is where we excel. Contact our disability insurance claims attorneys in Orlando today to learn more about our client-friendly process so you can rest easy knowing you have true professionals working to support your best interests.

Can the Insurance Company Legally Deny My Legitimate Disability Claim?

While the insurance industry is regulated, and laws are in place to protect consumers, insurers are also businesses motivated to maximize profits. This means approving every claim that comes across their desks will not happen. Even those that are legitimate disability claims.

Insurance companies throughout the U.S. employ representatives who implement long-standing policies designed to minimize their employer’s risks, which include denying legitimate claims until the disabled party can provide what they deem is enough evidence to prove it should be paid.

Continuing reasons insurance companies deny disability claims include strategically interpreting the policy language in their favor, stating the disabled party failed to meet the policy requirements, or citing specific policy exclusions and limitations.

Since most people do not know whether what the insurance representative is saying is true, fighting back is difficult without a lawyer’s help. If your claim is delayed or denied, contact our dedicated Orlando disability insurance claims attorneys today for help.

We will investigate your insurer’s processes and responses to identify whether the company acted in bad faith or to appeal your denial effectively.

How Long Will My Disability Claim Appeal Take to Produce Results?

Disability insurance companies scrutinize each claim to uncover compromising or conflicting information that allows the representative to deny a claim.

It is up to our Orlando Disability Insurance Law Group attorneys to counter their decision by conducting our investigation to uncover facts that require the insurance company to reevaluate our client’s claim.

The timing to accomplish this goal is different for each client. However, we promise to expedite the process to ensure as little time lapses as possible for your unique claim. We will keep you apprised of your claim’s position every step of the way so you can count on getting the answers you deserve.

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