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At Disability Insurance Law Group, our national claims attorneys know that in March 2022, Constellation Insurance Holdings, Inc. bought Ohio National for $1 billion and changed the holding company’s name to Constellation Insurance Inc. in November 2022. However, the operating subsidiaries continue to use the Ohio National name.

In July 2023, Constellation announced the rebranding of its Ohio National life insurance business as AuguStar Life.

Whether your disability insurance policy was unwritten by Ohio National, Constellations Insurance, or AuguStar, it is designed to provide income if a worker cannot perform their work due to disability.

No matter the insurance company, disability insurance policies are often written with ambiguous and confusing contract language, making them difficult to pursue for the benefits workers are entitled to receive.

That is why we are here. Our disability insurance attorneys represent AuguStar Life policyholders across the nation — no matter where they live or work in the U.S. — with only their best interests and true success in mind, so our clients can pursue the benefits they are entitled to from their employer-provided coverage, or their personal policies.

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Do I Need a Disability Insurance Claims Attorney or Can I File a Claim on My Own?

Whether you need a disability insurance claims attorney or can file a claim on your own depends on the complexity of your case, the reasons for the denial (if applicable), and your comfort level in navigating the legal and administrative processes involved.

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Complexity of the Case

If your disability claim is straightforward and well-documented, and you have a clear understanding of the insurance policy terms, you may be able to handle the initial claim process on your own. However, seeking legal assistance is advisable if your case involves complex medical issues, legal nuances, or disputes over policy interpretation.

  • Reasons for Denial

If your disability claim has been denied, it is crucial to understand the reasons for the denial. If the denial is based on a misunderstanding of your medical condition, policy terms, or other factors, you may be able to address it through the appeals process without legal representation.

However, consulting with an attorney may be beneficial if the denial involves complex legal issues or if you believe it is unjust.

  • Familiarity with Insurance Law

Disability insurance claims often involve legal and regulatory complexities. If you are not familiar with the nuances of disability insurance law, having an attorney can provide you with valuable expertise. Our experienced nationwide disability claims attorneys can help you navigate the legal aspects of your claim, ensuring that you understand your rights and options.

  • Appeals Process

If your claim is denied, most insurance policies provide an appeals process. This process may involve submitting additional documentation, participating in hearings, or presenting your case in writing. If you are uncomfortable navigating this process alone or facing a highly regulated process like the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), our attorneys can provide guidance and advocacy.

  • Litigation Considerations

Legal representation becomes particularly important if your claim dispute escalates to litigation. Our disability insurance claims attorneys can help you prepare a strong case, navigate court procedures, and advocate for your rights in a legal setting, no matter where you live or work in the U.S.

Legal assistance can be especially valuable when facing denials, appeals, or litigation. With over 50 combined years of experience, our national AuguStar disability insurance attorneys can help

whether you are considering applying for benefits, are waiting for a claim’s decision, or have been denied. We can assist you with your AuguStar Life disability claim anywhere in the country, starting with a free consultation.

At Disability Insurance Law Group, our skilled attorneys specialize in pursuing disability claims by working directly with our clients to achieve the best outcome. Unlike other disability law firms, we are not focused on churning cases through our offices to increase profits.

We are fully dedicated to providing transparent legal services that allow us to pursue real results for real people who need our help — no matter where they live or work in the U.S.

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