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How to Obtain Insurance Benefits for Eating Disorders

More than 25 million Americans report that they suffer or have suffered from an eating disorder. However, far more people are actually affected by eating disorders, including family members or friends of those struggling. Effective and complete treatment is imperative. However, too often, eating disorder treatment is wrongfully denied, delayed or prematurely discontinued by insurance carriers, leaving patients and their loved ones either without treatment or facing significant financial hardship.

At Disability Insurance Law Group, you will find a team of experienced health insurance attorneys who serve individual clients, their families and treatment facilities to obtain the health care coverage promised under health benefit policies. It is important to know we have the skill and experience to stand up on your behalf. We have the knowledge and passion to hold insurance companies accountable for the coverage they promised and the treatment our clients deserve.

Insurance Companies Often Ignore Recent Legal Developments

With the passage of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there have been increased protections for individuals in the health care arena. This is especially true when seeking coverage for conditions that require psychological treatment. Under the MHPAEA, which now applies to most group and individual health insurance policies through the ACA, if your policy provides mental health coverage, your insurance carrier is not permitted to administer that coverage more stringently than the coverage provided for the treatment of physical conditions.

However, insurance companies have largely ignored these protections, failed to properly follow the law and continued to wrongfully delay or deny essential treatment to patients. We aggressively fight on our clients’ behalf to protect their rights under their policies and the law, because we understand that treatment saves lives.

If you or your loved one has been denied treatment for an eating disorder, call us at 866-363-3628 today.

Is Your Policy Governed by ERISA?

If you received your health insurance policy through your employer, it is likely to be governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). Any policy that you bought on an individual basis is likely not governed by ERISA. Why does it matter? Because ERISA places very stringent obligations on claimants. If your policy is governed by ERISA, you may find yourself facing unexpected roadblocks in your pursuit of the benefits you need.

When you are filing a claim under an ERISA policy — especially when the claim involves an eating disorder — it is critical to include the right information in the right way. Any detail that you leave out of your appeal may not come into court later, at the trial stage. Let Disability Insurance Law Group help.

Even if your policy is not governed by ERISA, you may have additional state law remedies of which you are unaware, which are important to establish prior to a lawsuit.

While it is common for treatment facilities to file insurance appeals on behalf of their patients, we help patients and their families to take a more active role. If vital details are not included in your appeal, this could significantly jeopardize your case. As such, we strongly encourage you to contact us early to understand your rights and obligations under the law and your policy.

If your eating disorder claim was denied by your insurance company, it is worthwhile to have an experienced lawyer review your case and determine if your insurance company violated the law.

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