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Client Testimonials

We strive to provide the best legal services for our clients. We appreciate all of the wonderful feedback former clients have provided over the years about our firm, Disability Insurance Law Group.   We invite you to read the following client reviews from across the web and more reviews provided directly to us.

As a practicing general dentist for 35 years I did all the right things I was told to do by advisors. Life insurance, disability insurance, careful investing, preparing for retirement…never suspecting that should I need to use the disability coverage I was paying into for all those years, I would have to fight for it. When I became unable to practice dentistry after a routine surgery, I trusted the disability insurer–after it was a policy sold through the ADA. I followed all their instructions in filing my claim, and was dragged through a year of insurance hell. In a desperate search for legal help, was I fortunate to find DI Law and Mindy Chmielarz. She had experience with my company, and she was very concise in her approach. It took six months, but eventually she was successful with my appeal. The insurance company tried every trick she said they would, and they still do it on an annual basis. I am beyond grateful that I found her. The only advice I can give to anyone facing the same issues, is to retain DI Law and Mindy Chmielarz immediately and let her navigate the process for you.

Dr. S

I never imagined that I would have to discontinue my medical practice due to a disability. Unfortunately it happened, but I had appropriate disability insurance coverage. I knew that proper legal representation would be critical to a successful claim. After careful research and consultation I chose Atty. Mindy Chmielarz of Disability Insurance Law Group.

Disability claims can be a very intimidating and complex process, but Atty. Mindy Chmielarz helped me navigate thru with relative ease. She clearly explained the various disability mechanisms and answered all my questions/concerns. Her expertise and guidance at every step along the way were essential to my positive outcome. She has my highest recommendation.

When it comes a disability claim don’t ever try to go it alone, you need a capable and experienced advocate. I am so fortunate to have Atty. Mindy Chmielarz of Disability Insurance Law Group as mine.

The team at Disability Insurance Law Group is amazing. My disability insurance company denied my claim, despite all of my doctors insisting that I could not continue to work as a computer programmer due to my failed back syndrome and constant pain. I could not fight them on my own. I am so grateful that I found Alicia and her team at Disability Insurance Law Group. They were extremely aggressive with my insurance company. They sent me to an independent expert, who conducted a functional capacity evaluation. Disability Insurance Law Group talked to all of my doctors and family members and obtained thorough statements from them, helped me to prepare a video statement, prepared a comprehensive appeal letter outlining my evidence, and demanded payment. When my insurance company did not immediately meet its deadline to decide my claim, Disability Insurance Law Group pushed them to approve the claim and threatened to file a lawsuit. I was approved a short time later.

I was so scared when my disability insurance company denied my claim. I had no idea how to prepare an appeal. I thought I would lose my house. They walked me through the entire process. I could tell that they cared about me and my case. I do not know what I would have done without them. I would highly recommend Disability Insurance Law Group.

Former Client

I struggled to continue to practice as a dentist after I was diagnosed with MS. After I developed a tremor in my hands, I knew I could no longer treat patients safely. I just assumed my two disability insurance carriers would agree and pay the claim. My friend urged me to seek advice and referred me to Disability Insurance Law Group. I am so happy I took his advice. I retained Disability Insurance Law Group and Alicia Paulino-Grisham prepared my application. I had no idea how difficult the process would be. Despite my specialists’ opinions and an obvious tremor, the carrier suggested that I was malingering. They put me under surveillance, sent me to their physicians, and demanded an in person interview. Alicia was there every step of the way. She had the examinations videotaped, which showed my tremor. She also sent me to two truly independent specialists and aggressively pushed back when the carriers crossed the line during the interview. Alicia pushed both carriers to do the right thing and I am receiving benefits today. I am so relied to have Disability Insurance Law Group as my advocate in this process.

Dr. G.

I suffer from severe fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis. I have 5 specialists who all certified my disability and I was awarded Social Security Disability benefits. I assumed my disability insurance company would do the right thing. I was wrong. Shortly after approving my claim, my disability insurance company said I was no longer disabled. Nothing changed. It was a nightmare. I lost my career because of my sickness and I almost went bankrupt because of my disability insurance company. They accused me of lying, sent me to a doctor who does not even treat my conditions, and disregarded all of my doctor’s opinions.

I contacted Disability Insurance Law Group and they have been taking care of me since that first call. Alicia and her staff fought for me and kept me informed at each stage. When Alicia called to tell me that the insurance company approved my claim and I would be receiving my back benefits I cried. I was so relieved and am so grateful to the wonderful team at Disability Insurance Law Group. I would have lost everything without them. If you are facing your insurance company alone, I highly recommend you contact Disability Insurance Law Group.

Ms. B.

I worked as a teacher for 15 years. I was in a car accident and despite 3 surgeries, I remained in constant pain. I filed my claim for disability insurance benefits with my insurance company and got the run around. I did not have much savings. I contacted Disability Insurance Law Group and Alicia Paulino-Grisham agreed to take my case. It was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. Alicia and her staff worked very quickly to obtain the right information and were very aggressive with the insurance company. They were in constant contact with me and always took the time to thoroughly explain what was happening. I highly recommend Disability Insurance Law Group if you have a disability insurance claim.

Paula R.

I am very grateful to Mindy Chmielarz for helping me with my disability claim. She is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in disability law. She was a tremendous asset and it was crucial having her represent me prior to filing my claim. From our early conversations, it was clear that Ms. Chmielarz listened closely to the details of my situation, and she carefully reviewed all details of my medical records and disability policies. I don’t know that I could have successfully navigated the paperwork and claims process without her leadership. Ms. Chmielarz was a pleasure to work with and continues to be attentive and highly responsive to any questions that arise, keeping me informed throughout the process. In addition to her legal expertise, I am continually impressed with her compassion, professionalism, attention to detail and accessibility. It is without reservation that I highly recommend Mindy Chmielarz. I cannot thank her enough for her guidance during a very difficult time.


I realized one year ago I was going to need to file my disability claim and was urgently in need of expert legal counsel. My claim was extremely complicated and I needed THE BEST attorney there was.
At that time, I called my friend who is an attorney and asked him who would provide excellent legal representation for my disability claim. His response was immediate. He said the most professional, diligent and finest disability attorney he had ever encountered was Ms. Mindy Chmielarz, located in Broward County.

The machinations of filing a disability claim as a layman are inherently overwhelming, burdensome and treacherous. With the insurance companies doing everything in their power to avoid paying claims, having an expert like Ms. Mindy Chmielarz as my attorney was, from the very first moment I dealt with her, a blessing. She served at the beginning and continues serve presently as my expert counsel, guiding me through the complex process of filing and maintaining my disability claim. She is always there to deal directly on my behalf with the numerous insurance representatives, answer my incessant questions and address my many concerns. If I have a question, Ms. Chmielarz is always accessible to provide the answer. Truly a gem.
I offer words of praise and thanks to her, but I owe Ms. Chmielarz far more. She has allowed me peace of mind knowing that my interests are fully protected.

I recommend her services without reservation. Indeed, I am very fortunate to have Ms. Mindy Chmielarz at my side, always making sure that the insurance do not do anything to jeopardize or interrupt my claim. Should anybody I know need a disability attorney, Ms. Mindy Chmielarz would immediately receive my praise and unconditional recommendation.

Dr. FM

My experience being a client of Ms. Mindy Chmielarz of Disability Insurance Law Group: I contacted Mindy from an advertisement after reviewing her AV rated status from her legal peers on Martindale. Beyond a comprehensive consultation, she provided numerous other clients for me to call regarding their experiences. My case was complex, challenged and reviewed over many months, bordering on bad-faith. Mindy supported me unwaveringly. She even called to represent me via phone during an in-person interview while she was on vacation with her family in Hawaii. I find my relationship with Mindy to be personal, professional and, most importantly, honest. Representation as good may be found, to find better will be difficult.

Dr. JM


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