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Professional Disability Insurance Claims Attorneys for Law Enforcement Officers Nationwide


At Disability Insurance Law Group, our national claims attorneys know law enforcement is dangerous. It also comes with a lot of pride, knowledge, tactical experience, and an ability to take whatever adversity comes your way.

Officers suffering injuries or illnesses while on the job keep them from protecting and serving their communities, creating an overwhelming setback to their physical and emotional well-being. The last thing they need is heavy-handed opposition from the insurance company for their disability claim.

Unfortunately, navigating the government-provided disability claim process requires precision and fast work. This is because police officers are enrolled in long-term disability insurance coverage governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). ERISA policies have exceptionally stringent filing requirements that require understanding the nuances of your claim — measured against workers’ compensation benefits that could influence your financial well-being.

In short, it is crucial that law enforcement officers — no matter where they live or work in the U.S. — fully understand their legal rights and options to make informed decisions about their claims. We can help.

If there has been a change in your ability to work as a law enforcement officer, we can help you pursue your disability insurance for your complete coverage so that you can confidently move forward. Contact us today to learn, so you can plan your future by having all the facts.

You Are More than a Law Enforcement Officer: We Are More than Law Enforcement Disability Attorneys

When law enforcement officers are injured or are battling a medical illness that keeps them from their crucial department roles, it impacts more than their careers.

Law enforcement officers across the nation are partners, spouses, parents, and siblings who have immediate and extended families they care about and who care about them. When their professional identities are compromised by injury or illness, it also impacts their personal lives and emotional and financial well-being.

This means they need to understand how each of their decisions impacts their lives in the future. We can help.

Our Disability Insurance Law Group attorneys represent law enforcement officers from the start of their claims, after they have been denied disability benefits, or when their benefits have been terminated after the insurance company’s definition of “disabled” changes after the initial 24 months of payments. Do not allow your ERISA-governed disability insurance company to diminish the reality of how your injury or illness impacts your ability to be a law enforcement officer.

Let us take the lead in your case and pursue real results by:

  • Assessing your physical and mental health conditions so your injuries/illness is documented correctly and supported by medical records.
  • Evaluating how your workers’ compensation coverage may offset your disability benefits eligibility.
  • Outlining the insurance company’s payment timeline and anticipating their movements to avoid termination of benefits.
  • Submitting a robust appeal package if your long-term disability benefits are denied.

No matter which insurance company holds your law enforcement officer’s disability policy or if you have already been denied disability benefits, our attorneys will provide the exacting legal representation you need to focus on getting your life back.

We are more than disability insurance claim lawyers. We are client advocates who represent real people, not case numbers, who must pursue their disability insurance policies for the coverage they have paid for as law enforcement officers.

At Disability Insurance Law Group, we also offer insurance claims for the following occupations:

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