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What to Do When Insurers Fail to Cover Long-Term Care Expenses

Long-term care insurance is intended to provide essential care necessary when an injury or medical condition interferes with a person’s ability to independently care for him or herself. Long-term care insurance covers costs not usually covered by traditional health insurance or Medicare, and long-term care expenses average $56,000 per year. Benefits available under a long-term care insurance policy can include:

  • Help with daily activities in your home
  • Adult day care and other community programs
  • Nursing home care
  • Visits by nurses or other home health care professionals
  • Medical devices
  • Transportation

Many long-term care insurance policies are drafted by insurance company attorneys and contain provisions specifically designed to limit the responsibility of the insurer or to make it more difficult for policyholders to obtain coverage and compensation. It is therefore essential that policyholders’ rights are protected against bad faith insurance practices designed to make it more difficult for individuals to receive the long-term care benefits they are due.

Protecting Your Benefits

Disability Insurance Law Group can effectively protect your rights for the duration of your claim. Our experienced and accomplished insurance lawyers have advocated clients’ rights against unfair treatment by major long-term care insurance companies, including:

Our extensive experience enables us to rapidly identify situations in which insurers are failing to live up to their legal and contractual obligations. Our attorneys are well-versed in the specific processes and procedures involved in pursuing a claim and protecting our clients’ rights under state and federal law. We work tirelessly in order to help policyholders obtain the full limits of long-term care coverage to which they are entitled. We can also answer your questions about long-term care insurance.

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