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At Disability Insurance Law Group, our Florida and nationwide engineer insurance claims attorneys know that each policy issued to these professionals is given special consideration based on the individual’s education and time spent in the field.

No matter which type of engineer you might be, including subfield professions like aerospace engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, environmental engineers, biomedical engineers, petroleum engineers, and computer hardware engineers, the terms of your policy will come with specific benefits and terms.

If you work for an engineering company, you may carry employer-provided group disability insurance. While not as flexible as individual coverage, it is often a benefit of employment. Private engineering disability insurance policies allow individuals in this highly specialized profession to purchase a policy with a varying definition of disability. This is going to matter if you face the substantial financial risk of losing your income because of an injury or illness that keeps you from working.

Our disability insurance attorneys represent all types of engineers in Florida and throughout the U.S. when there has been a change in their abilities to work, no matter where their offices are located. Contact us today to learn how we can help you, too.

What is the Insurance Company’s Definition of an Engineer’s Disability?

Insurance companies have a long track record of identifying their policyholders by their professions by reviewing what duties they conduct each day.

Depending on the type of engineer, the individual may work primarily from a desk or work onsite to accomplish more physically demanding activities. However, the cognitive and mentally demanding aspects of being an engineer are often overlooked by the insurance company when it is reviewing a disability claim.

Typically, this is because they see an engineer’s duties on paper — essentially identifying them as claim numbers. Rarely, if ever, do disability insurance companies identify engineers as human beings. Disability claims examiners must recognize the totality of your role as an engineer, and the benefits that are available to you because of your illness or injury.

That is why we are here. Allow us to take the lead in your case and pursue real results that allow you to enjoy the quality of life that comes with putting your claim behind you, just as we have successfully done for thousands of professionals across the nation.

As your engineer disability insurance claim attorney, we will:

  • Outline both the physical and mental demands of your occupation.
  • Provide the medical records, and physician testimony necessary that working as an engineer includes a broad range of occupational duties.
  • Identify the details of your coverage, whether it is a private or employer-provided policy, whether it contains own occupation or residual coverage options, and which avenue we should pursue on your behalf.
  • Recognize you as a “key person” whose involvement in the organization is so essential to the health of your business that if one of you is away from work for an extended period, it could significantly impact your company’s finances, reputation, or ability to deliver promised engineering services to your customers.
  • Summarize the business’s day-to-day expenses — including rent, utilities, and employee salaries and benefits to continue operation while you are away.

No matter which insurance company holds your engineer disability policy, or if you have already been denied disability benefits, our attorneys will provide the exact legal representation you need to pursue results.

At Disability Insurance Law Group, we also offer insurance claims for the following occupations:

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We are more than disability insurance lawyers for engineers in Florida and throughout the U.S.: We are client advocates who represent real people, not case numbers, who have a real need to pursue their disability insurance policies for the coverage they have paid for as engineers.

Contact our skilled disability insurance attorneys for engineers today by calling 954-989-9000 or contact us online to schedule a completely free and confidential case assessment, so we can put our over 50 years of combined experience to work for you – no matter where you work or live in the U.S.

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