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Great-West Life Assurance Company was founded in 1891 in Winnipeg and provides group retirement savings products and services, individual life & disability insurance and annuities, and business-owned life insurance products to millions of Americans.

Their website states, “At the end of 2022, our companies had approximately 31,000 employees, 234,500 advisor relationships, and thousands of distribution partners — all serving our more than 38 million customer relationships across these regions.”

At Disability Insurance Law Group, our nationwide claims attorneys know that, typically, the larger the insurer, the more red tape disability insurance policyholders experience when filing a claim.

West Disability Claims

Disability insurance is designed to provide income if a worker cannot perform their work due to disability. Unfortunately, disability insurance policies and employee benefit plans are often written with ambiguous and confusing contract language, making them difficult to pursue for the benefits workers are entitled to receive. This is true for Great West disability insurance policies, too.

That is why we are here. Our disability insurance attorneys represent Great West policyholders nationwide — no matter where they live or work in the U.S. — with their best interests and true success in mind so our clients can pursue the benefits they are entitled to from their employer-provided coverage or personal policies. Contact us today to learn more.

What are the Benefits of Partnering with a National Disability Insurance Claim Attorney Before Filing a Claim?

Partnering with a national disability insurance claim attorney before filing a disability insurance claim can provide several benefits. Our experienced attorney can guide you through the claims process, help ensure that your rights are protected, and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Here are some key benefits of working with our nationwide disability insurance claim attorneys:

  • Understanding Policy Terms

Our skilled attorneys specialize in disability insurance claims and can help you thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of your policy. We can explain the specific requirements for eligibility, coverage limits, and any exclusions.

  • Knowledge of State and Federal Laws

Our skilled disability insurance claims attorneys represent clients nationwide and are well-versed in state and federal laws that govern insurance claims where you are covered. We can help you navigate legal requirements specific to your jurisdiction and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

  • Preventing Common Mistakes

We are familiar with the common pitfalls and mistakes that policyholders often make during the claims process. Legal guidance from the outset can help you avoid errors that may lead to claim denials.

  • Assistance with Claim Preparation

Our lawyers can assist in gathering the necessary documentation and evidence to support your disability claim. This includes medical records, statements from healthcare providers, and any other relevant information the insurance company requires — including Great West.

  • Navigating the Claims Process

The claims process can be complex and confusing. Our attorneys can help you navigate the paperwork, deadlines, and communication with the insurance company or third-party administrator, ensuring all requirements are met.

  • Addressing Complex Legal Issues

Some disability insurance claims involve complex legal issues, especially when there are disputes over the cause of the disability or disagreements regarding policy interpretations. Our national disability insurance claims attorneys can handle these legal aspects on your behalf.

  • Negotiating with the Insurance Company

Our attorneys are skilled in disability insurance claims and are experienced negotiators. We can engage with the insurance company to seek a fair settlement or resolution, ensuring that you receive the benefits you are entitled to under your policy.

  • Appealing Denied Claims

Our dedicated disability insurance attorneys can guide you through the appeals process if your claim is denied. We can help strengthen your case, gather additional evidence, and present a compelling argument to overturn the denial.

  • Protecting Your Legal Rights

Some insurance companies may engage in practices that infringe on policyholders’ rights. Having our attorneys by your side ensures your legal rights are protected throughout the claims process.

  • Litigation Support

In cases where litigation becomes necessary, our disability insurance claim attorneys can provide aggressive legal representation inside the courtroom. We can file lawsuits, engage in discovery, and advocate for your rights legally.

  • Objective Assessment of Your Case

Our dedicated attorneys can objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of your disability claim. This allows you to make informed decisions about how to proceed through negotiation, appeals, or litigation.

Whether you are considering applying for benefits, are waiting for a claim’s decision, or have been denied, we can assist you with your Great West disability claim anywhere in the country, starting with a free consultation.

We are fully dedicated to providing transparent legal services that allow us to pursue real results for real people who need our help – no matter where they live or work in the U.S.

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If you are receiving resistance from Great West for your U.S. disability claim, or if your claim has already been denied, contact our dedicated disability insurance attorneys nationwide at 954-989-9000 or online to schedule a free, confidential case assessment without delay.

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