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Knee Disorders Disability Claims Attorneys Representing Policyholders Nationwide

At Disability Insurance Law Group, our nationwide claim attorneys know common knee injuries and disorders that keep policyholders from working may include, but are not limited to, ACL injuries, fractures, torn meniscus, knee bursitis, patellar tendinitis, ligament injuries, and meniscus (cartilage) injuries.

These injuries become disabling because the knee joint is the biggest in the body. It connects the femur, or thigh bone, to the tibia or the shin bone. It helps all of us stand, move, and keep our balance and improves movement.

When the knee is injured or damaged, people with knee disorders can experience chronic joint pain that prevents them from walking and severe pain that prevents them from working.

This is where disability insurance can make an essential difference in their lives.

When a disability insurance claim is denied, it can physically, emotionally, and financially devastate knee disorders sufferers. We want to help.

Knee Disorders Disability Claims Attorney

Our national knee disorders disability insurance attorneys assist policyholders through the U.S. in strategically submitting their claims by outlining the severity of their conditions, compiling the necessary medical records to support their disabilities, and negotiating with their private or employer-provided insurer to achieve the benefits they are entitled to for their impairment.

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When are Knee Disorders Considered Impairments?

Knee disorders can be considered impairments when they affect an individual’s ability to perform essential functions required for work and daily activities. In disability evaluation, most insurers use a specific set of criteria to determine whether a knee disorder qualifies as a disability.

These criteria may include, but are not limited to:

  • Difficulty Walking

If a knee disorder results in significant difficulty in walking, it may be considered an impairment. This difficulty might be due to pain, instability, or other factors related to the knee condition.

  • Chronic Joint Pain and Stiffness

Chronic joint pain and stiffness in the knee that significantly limits an individual’s ability to move or use the affected knee can be considered an impairment.

  • Recurrent Swelling

If a knee disorder leads to recurrent swelling that affects the ability to use the joint effectively, it may be considered an impairment.

  • Instability of the Knee Joint

Instability in the knee joint, such as frequent buckling or giving way, can be considered an impairment, significantly if it limits a person’s ability to stand, walk, or perform other weight-bearing activities.

  • Limited Range of Motion

If the knee disorder causes a significant limitation in the joint’s range of motion, it may be considered an impairment.

Significant limitations in walking and performing activities like standing, balancing, or climbing stairs often qualify as impairments.

However, it is essential to note that the criteria for considering knee disorders as impairments may vary depending on the context, including the type of disability program or insurance coverage.

Additionally, medical evidence, including documentation from healthcare professionals, is crucial when establishing the severity of a knee disorder and its impact on an individual’s ability to function. If you are dealing with a knee disorder and are seeking disability benefits, we can help strengthen your claim, starting with a free consultation.

Whether your disability insurance coverage was underwritten as a private or employer-provided policy, we have over 50 years of combined experience pursuing all insurance coverages and corporations for the benefits policyholders nationwide deserve.

At Disability Insurance Law Group, we also offer insurance claims for the following conditions:

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