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At Disability Insurance Law Group, our national claims attorneys know that The Standard was founded as Oregon Life Insurance Company in 1906, which gives the company instant credibility in individual and employer-supplied disability insurance circles.

Disability insurance is designed to provide income if a worker cannot perform their work due to disability. Unfortunately, disability insurance policies and employee benefit plans are often written with ambiguous and confusing contract language, making them difficult to pursue for the benefits workers are entitled to receive. This is true for Standard disability insurance policies, too.

For many U.S. workers, their employers offer disability benefits as part of their employment packages. This is especially true for most group policies governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), many of which Standard underwrites.

Disability Claims

Their website states, “Replace part of your paycheck if you can’t work because of a covered illness, injury, or pregnancy,” making their coverage seem straightforward. However, Standard scrutinizes and reviews their disability claims very closely before making a claim decision. They have some of the most qualified disability claims examiners in the disability industry, some of whom are attorneys. This typically means most of their disability insurance claims are denied almost immediately.

That is why we are here. Our disability insurance attorneys represent Standard policyholders nationwide — no matter where they live or work in the U.S. — with only their best interests and true success in mind so our clients can pursue the benefits they are entitled to from their employer-provided coverage or personal policies.

How Can I Appeal an Individual or ERISA Disability Claim Denial?

Appealing a disability claim denial, whether an individual disability insurance claim or one governed by ERISA involves several steps to ensure you are complying with the insurance company’s appeal policies and procedures.

To follow is a general guide to help you navigate the appeals process:


  • Review the Denial Letter

Carefully review the denial letter from the insurance company. Understand the reasons for the denial and the specific policy provisions cited.

  • Gather Additional Evidence

Collect additional medical records, opinions from treating physicians, or other evidence supporting your disability claim. This may address the reasons cited for the denial.

  • Contact the Insurance Company

Communicate with the insurance company to discuss the denial and request a copy of your claim file. Understanding the insurer’s perspective can help you address specific concerns.

  • Submit a Written Appeal

Prepare a comprehensive written appeal addressing each reason for denial. Explain why you believe the denial is unjust, providing relevant evidence and documentation to support your case.

  • Follow Deadlines

Adhere to all deadlines specified by the insurance company for submitting the appeal. Failure to do so may result in your right to appeal forfeiture.

If your individual disability insurance claim is denied, contact our skilled Standard insurance claims attorneys today to learn how we can help you navigate the appeals process with precision.


  • Review Denial Letter and Plan Documents

Carefully review the denial letter provided by the insurance company and the summary plan description. Understand the specific reasons for the denial and the applicable plan provisions.

  • Request Your Claim File

Request a copy of your entire claim file from the insurance company. This includes all documents, records, and communications related to your claim.

  • Internal Appeal with the Plan Administrator

File an internal appeal with the plan administrator following the guidelines outlined in the denial letter. This often involves submitting a written appeal, additional supporting documentation, and other requested information.

  • Consult Our ERISA Disability Claims Attorneys

If the internal appeal is unsuccessful, contact our skilled disability attorneys specializing in ERISA claims. We assess the strength of your case and guide you on whether to pursue further legal action. We can help you evaluate any settlement offers and ensure you are treated fairly. If the internal appeal is denied, we can file a lawsuit in federal court and guide you through this process, ensuring compliance with ERISA procedures and deadlines.

With over 50 combined years of experience, our nationwide Standard disability insurance attorneys know that understanding the definition that dictates your coverage is critical to winning and maintaining your disability benefits.

Whether you are considering applying for benefits, are waiting for a claim’s decision, or have been denied, we can assist you with your Standard disability claim anywhere in the country, starting with a free consultation.

We are fully dedicated to providing transparent legal services that allow us to pursue real results for real people who need our help – no matter where they live or work in the U.S.

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If you are receiving resistance from Standard for your U.S. disability claim, or if your claim has already been denied, contact our dedicated disability insurance attorneys nationwide at 954-989-9000 or online to schedule a free, confidential case assessment without delay.

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