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Experienced Disability Insurance Attorneys Representing Assurity Life Florida and Nationwide

Representing Assurity Life

At Disability Insurance Law Group, our Florida and nationwide attorneys help policyholders throughout the country pursue Assurity Group, Inc., also known simply as Assurity, for the benefits their policies promise, so they can regain control of their lives without a financial struggle.

Assurity’s tagline, “Helping you through difficult times” is incredibly appropriate for the people we represent, no matter which of the 50 states they live in. Our law firm has a nationwide reach because disability insurance benefits are important to our clients, which makes them important to us.

They are designed to provide income to policyholders who are forced away from their work duties to treat injuries or illnesses that caught them by surprise and changed their lives. The last thing our clients need is to be denied the disability benefits they were counting on, simply to help maintain their insurer’s bottom line.

That is why we are here. Our disability insurance attorneys represent Assurity policyholders across the nation — no matter where they live or work in the U.S. — with only their best interests and true success in mind. Contact us today to learn more.

Should I Contact an Assurity Disability Insurance Claim Attorney Before I File for Benefits?

At Disability Insurance Law Group, we understand that many of the intricacies regarding how insurance companies review long-term disability insurance claims can be difficult to navigate on your own. This may become apparent the minute you begin filing your claim and is the perfect time to reach out to our skilled disability insurance lawyers who represent clients in all 50 states.

We will review your qualifying condition, medical records, and the supporting documentation necessary to file your claim for either short- or long-term disability benefits with Assurity, so you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

With over 50 combined years of experience, our Florida and nationwide Assurity disability insurance attorneys know that understanding the definition that dictates your coverage is key to winning and maintaining your disability benefits.

Here, you will work with a team of skilled and compassionate disability attorneys and support staff who will manage your case without leaving a single detail to chance. We believe it is important that our clients know we care about their well-being, and that begins with providing the help they need to move forward with a claim that helps them get their lives back.

What Should I Do If My Assurity Disability Insurance Claim is Denied?

Whether you have purchased private Assurity disability insurance, if your coverage is provided directly through your employment, or is group coverage that is governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), we can help you pursue a positive outcome for your claim.

Like other insurers, Assurity’s disability insurance policies promise to provide financial security to policyholders who cannot work due to an accident, injury, or illness, the company’s definition of disabled may differ from yours — and ours. This can lead to an immediate dispute or denial of benefits.

Other common reasons Assurity may dispute or not deny your claim are that the submission did not meet their review standards, was submitted too late to be considered, or that the injury or illness is simply “not covered” by the company’s standards.

Each of these denials can shock and overwhelm policyholders who have been paying their premiums for years, all while hoping they would never need the coverage. When they do, and are faced with a claim dispute or denial, we want to help.

At Disability Insurance Law Group, our dedicated nationwide claims attorneys will:

  • Appeal a private Assurity long-term disability benefits denial.
  • Appeal an ERISA Assurity long-term disability benefits denial.
  • Negotiate a lump-sum buyout of an Assurity long-term disability insurance policy, when applicable.
  • File a lawsuit against Assurity for denying the long-term disability benefits you are entitled to as an injured or ill policyholder.

Our Assurity disability insurance claims attorneys take our duties very seriously and will issue a petition with the Department of Insurance Consumer Services Department in your state to file complaints against Assurity for the wrongful delay and denial of long-term disability benefits, when applicable to our clients’ claims.

Whether you are considering applying for benefits, are waiting for a claim’s decision, or have been denied, we are available to assist you with your Assurity disability claim anywhere in the country.

At Disability Insurance Law Group, We Also Offer Insurance Claims For The Following companies:

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