Understanding Disability Insurance And Benefits

By the attorneys of Disability Insurance Law Group

When you are injured or suffering from medical conditions that prevent you from working, your disability coverage is supposed to be there to protect you and your family. Your bills do not stop just because your illness or injury has interfered with your ability to earn an income.

The purpose of disability coverage is to secure your financial well-being when you cannot. The question is, will the company promising you disability coverage do the right thing and pay your claim? For the company, this is a business decision. The more claims they pay out, the more money they lose. Accordingly, disability insurance and benefit claims are highly scrutinized and often fiercely litigated.

In contrast, for individuals facing disabling illness or injury, their disability insurance coverage is their financial security. What would you do if your future was at stake? The attorneys at Disability Insurance Law Group understand the importance of these claims for our clients and take that responsibility seriously.

With over 50 years of combined experience handling insurance matters, our lawyers understand the process, the applicable case law and the common tactics employed by insurance carriers in attempting to deny disability insurance and benefit claims. We understand what is at stake and aggressively fight to protect the rights of our clients at all stages of the process. Our clients include professional athletes as well as physicians, attorneys and other professionals.

The Disability Benefits Claim Process

Disability insurance policies and benefit plans are often written with confusing language. Most individuals find the process of seeking benefits or appealing a denial of benefits frustrating and time-consuming. The claims handling process is designed to be complex, confusing and is often quite intimidating. The attorneys at Disability Insurance Law Group are dedicated to leveling the playing field and aggressively fighting to obtain the benefits our clients deserve.

There are two forms of disability coverage:

  • Private disability insurance policies
  • Group disability benefit plans (typically governed by ERISA)

While there are similarities in these types of disability coverage, the differences are usually significant. Moreover, the law governing each type of coverage is vastly different. For individuals, the process of seeking benefits under either type of coverage can be extremely frustrating and difficult. However, understanding your rights and obligations under your particular policy or benefit plan and the law can mean the difference between destroying your claim and obtaining the benefits you deserve.

Eliminating Claim Confusion

At Disability Insurance Law Group, we work with you to eliminate confusion and clearly communicate what is happening at every step of the process. You have rights and you deserve to receive the benefits you have paid for with your premiums and that were promised to you. We will aggressively assert those rights and fight to obtain all the benefits you deserve.

Insurance companies and benefit plan administrators spend a great deal of time and money training their claims examiners and investigators to highly scrutinize each claim. These companies often take advantage of unrepresented claimants by employing unfair tactics to delay and deny claims. They also employ in-house and local attorneys to vigorously defend and litigate disability insurance and benefit cases.

Without legal representation, your ability to overcome such resources may be limited. Because of our experience, our Firm is well known and respected by insurance companies and benefit plan administrators. They know that when the attorneys of Disability Insurance Law Group present a claim to them, it is well prepared and that we will expend the time and resources necessary to aggressively fight for our clients' rights.

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