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Filing a Claim for Benefits

One of the most important aspects of a claim for disability benefits is completing the application and submitting it to the insurance carrier. Your application can help you or haunt you throughout your claim.

While the application typically looks straightforward and easy to complete, the information you provide can mean the difference between proving your claim and foreclosing your right to benefits. As such, completing the application should not be taken lightly. The help of an experienced attorney who understands the process can be invaluable and may have a dramatic impact on the progress of your claim.

Remember, your insurance carrier created the application. Typically the format is set up to benefit your insurance carrier, not you. The success of your claim for disability benefits can hinge on clearly explaining how your condition affects your ability to perform your job. A single wrong statement by you or your physician can be disastrous to your claim.

Experienced Legal Help in the Application Process

At Disability Insurance Law Group, we understand the importance of the application process, the common tactics employed by insurance companies to delay and deny benefits, and what information is needed to prove your claim. Our attorneys represent clients in Florida and nationwide at all stages of the process, and many of our clients come to us before informing their insurance company of their claim.

Seeking representation early, before an issue is able to arise, can go a long way in preventing a delay or denial in payment which can be financially devastating to claimants.

Let Us Help With Your Disability Insurance Application

Please continue reading to learn more about your options in fighting a denied or delayed claim. If you need help to complete and submit an application for benefits, please contact Disability Insurance Law Group to schedule a face-to-face or telephone consultation with an experienced lawyer at one of our Florida offices. Or call us at 954-633-8811.