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Disability Approval By MetLife And Guardian Berkshire For Doctor With Neck And Back Pain

On Behalf of Disability Insurance Law Group | | Firm News

Disability Insurance Law Group was hired by Dr. Brown to assist him with his claim for disability benefits under both the group policy procured for him by his professional medical association and the private disability policies he took out on his own. While Dr. Brown was certainly still functional and able to exercise and live his life, due to significant neck and back pain, particularly while in the bent over positions he was required to sustain during examinations and procedures, he could no longer properly and effectively perform the duties of a medical doctor.

Like many of the surgeons, chiropractors, specialists, and dentists with whom we work, Dr. Brown realized that continuing to work was further aggravating his condition and would leave him with chronic, debilitating pain if he did not stop practicing and avoid the activities that aggravated his medical conditions. We worked closely with Dr. Brown and his treating physicians to prepare the application for benefits and all supplemental forms, as well as to make sure that both MetLife and Guardian Berkshire had a clear understanding of Dr. Brown’s medical conditions, limitations, duties, and inability to properly perform his job duties.

During the application process, Dr. Brown was asked to submit medical, occupational, and financial information as well as attend in person interviews with a representative from both MetLife and Guardian Berkshire. We attended each interview with Dr. Brown and made sure that both carriers had the information they were looking for prior to the interview so that it would go quickly and Dr. Brown felt fully prepared. While Guardian Berkshire approved the claim fairly quickly, MetLife dragged out the process and continuously requested additional information. In an effort to help Dr. Brown financially, we successfully requested that MetLife pay his benefits under a “reservation of rights” while they continued what we considered an unreasonably long claim review. After 7 months, during which Dr. Brown was paid, the claim was approved and Dr. Brown is now on claim with both carriers. Disability Insurance Law Group continues to work with Dr. Brown and his physicians to make sure that both Guardian Berkshire and MetLife receive the updated medical proof necessary to keep him on claim for as long as he is eligible under the policy terms.

If you have questions about a potential disability claim, have applied for benefits and are still waiting for a response, have been denied benefits, or simply want information about your ongoing claim, please do not hesitate to contact us at 954-989-9000. We hand claims nationwide and have worked with clients from all over the country. You can also find out more information about disability insurance from our website

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