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Disability Insurance Law Group Successfully Reversed Prudential’s Denial Of Short-Term Disability Benefits And Obtains Long-Term Disability Benefits For Attorney Disabled By Multiple Sclerosis

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After putting herself through law school, Victoria was offered and accepted a position as an associate attorney in a medium size law firm handling contract disputes. Victoria enjoyed the practice of law immensely and due to her strong work ethic and drive, she ultimately became a partner in the firm. Eight years after starting her career, Victoria began to experience severe and overwhelming fatigue and vertigo. At first, she dismissed her symptoms, believing that she was run down from her busy work schedule. However, overtime her fatigue and dizziness intensified and she developed several alarming new symptoms such as chronic full body pain, numbness and tingling in her face and extremities, blurred vision, walking difficulty, and cognitive deficiencies. Victoria and her physician were understandably concerned. After a full work up, Victoria underwent an MRI of her brain which revealed significant white matter. She was eventually diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (“MS”). The diagnosis was devastating, but Victoria was determined to remain active and continue to work.

Unfortunately, overtime, her symptoms grew progressively worse. She started having severe difficulty concentrating on her cases and the pain and fatigue became unbearable. Victoria started missing work and eventually had to take a leave of absence. It soon became clear that she simply was no longer able to do her job. She applied for Short-Term Disability benefits under the terms of her Prudential disability insurance policy and sent in all of her medical records. To her astonishment, Prudential denied her claim, asserting that there was not sufficient objective evidence of her disability. Victoria simply did not understand. She completed all of the forms, submitted all of her medical records, and supplied all of her employer information. She was a contracts attorney and clearly met the definition of disability under the contract.

At the encouragement of one of the other partners in her firm, Victoria contacted Disability Insurance Law Group (“Disability Insurance Law Group“). We reviewed the information she submitted and everything looked in order. Her records clearly established that she was struggling physically and cognitively. However, she left out several key pieces of information that we typically provide in support of a disability insurance claim. We obtained a detailed occupational duties list and supplied this to her physicians. We then interviewed and obtained sworn statements from her physicians addressing her inability to perform her occupational duties. With Victoria’s permission, we also interviewed and obtained sworn statements from her friends, family members, and two co-workers. We then had Victoria undergo an independent medical examination, which established that she was Totally Disabled from her occupation. We prepared a comprehensive appeal of Prudential’s denial, submitting the information gathered. At the same time, we completed Victoria’s application for Long-Term Disability and submitted the same information. Within 30 days, Prudential overturned Victoria’s Short-Term Disability claim and she was approved for Long-Term disability benefits.

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