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Experienced Florida Attorneys Representing Disabled Accountants & AICPA Members Throughout the U.S.

At Disability Insurance Law Group, our Fort Lauderdale attorneys know that to accountants and Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA) members, financial stability involves more than the strategies they create and implement for their clients.

It is an important part of who they are, in both their personal and professional lives.

Accountants work tirelessly to protect themselves from financial risks, which is why many choose to be covered by disability insurance. Whether it is their private policy, or an AICPA policy, disability insurance protects accountants in Florida and throughout the U.S. from the substantial financial risk of losing their income should they become sick or disabled and you can no longer work.

The good news is, most major disability insurance carriers design their products for different occupations, including accountants. This makes their coverage unique to their white-collar roles. Whether you are a self-employed CPA or belong to a large accounting firm, white-collar professions have some of the most favorable terms of all disability insurance occupation categories.

Unfortunately, this is true because, statistically speaking, accountants rarely become “disabled” by the insurance company’s standards. Fortunately, our Broward County disability insurance attorneys see things differently, and have the law on our side to support our clients

many of whom are accountants and CPAs claims. 

If there has been a change in your ability to work as an accountant, no matter where your office is located in the U.S., we can help you pursue your disability insurance for your complete coverage, so you can move forward with confidence.

You are More than an Accountant: We are More Than Accountant Disability Attorneys

Insurance companies have a long track record of identifying their policyholders by their professions. For accountants, this is great news when they are seeking disability insurance, as they are normally offered the highest possible occupation disability insurance policies.

However, the insurance company also knows accountants, CPAs, and other financial professionals have less of a propensity to file a disability claim due to the nature of their jobs — as opposed to, perhaps, a construction worker.

The reality is, it is not up to the insurance industry to decide what qualifies as a disability in your profession, thereby it cannot reduce your claim to something as simple as the ability to sit in a chair, or type on a computer.

Disability claims examiners must recognize the totality of your role as a professional, and how your ability to do your job is impacted by lesser-recognized physical ailments associated with white-collar roles including back disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, cerebral atrophy, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and cognitive limitations.

In other cases, emotional and psychological disabilities like anxiety and depression, and bipolar disorder can significantly limit an accountant’s ability to work at all.

If this is true for you, our Florida disability insurance attorneys for accountants will review your case during a free consultation, outline the medical evidence and other crucial documentation that supports your disability claim, and present it to your insurance company to pursue the disability benefits you are entitled to from your unique policy.

No matter which insurance company holds your accountant disability policy, or if you have already been denied disability benefits, our attorneys will provide the exacting legal representation you need to pursue results. We are more than disability insurance lawyers for accountants in Florida and throughout the U.S.: We are client advocates who represent real people, not case numbers, who have a real need to pursue their disability insurance policies for the coverage they have paid for as accountants.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you pursue your accountant disability insurance for your complete benefit needs, so you can get back to enjoying life as an individual, instead of a policy number.

We Know Your Insurance Company’s Next Move and Are Always Prepared to Respond Accordingly

Accountants are often covered by individual private disability policies that require the policyholder to meet specific terms and conditions before they qualify for payment. Whether you are seeking residual disability benefits — if you reduce your hours or eliminate certain duties — or the full monthly benefits provided by the policy, the insurance company is not simply going to write you a check.

They are going to require medical evidence, and other supporting information and documentation that your need for disability payments is fully warranted.

That is why we are here.

Our job, as U.S. disability insurance attorneys for accountants, is to help you maximize the benefits under your disability policy, whether you are permanently unable to work, or would like to step away from accounting and engage in another type of work that accommodates your abilities.

Do not allow your disability insurance company to diminish the reality of how your injury or illness impacts your ability to be an accountant. Allow us to take the lead in your case and pursue real results that allow you to enjoy the quality of life that comes with putting your claim behind you, just as we have successfully done for thousands of professionals across the nation.

Contact our skilled disability insurance attorneys for accountants in Florida today by calling 954-989-9000 or contact us online to schedule a completely free and confidential case assessment, so we can put our over 50 years of combined experience to work for you – no matter where you work or live in the U.S.

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