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About Disability Insurance Law

Insurance companies draft policies in a way that allows them to profit as a business. Insurance policies are full of fine print and technicalities that are designed to limit coverage. They accept billions of dollars in premium payments from consumers like you and/or your employer, promising coverage that will safeguard you and your family in your time of need. But, when that crisis arises, whether it be a disability preventing your ability to work, a situation requiring long-term care for your parent or spouse, or a death of a loved one, the insurance company is no longer the loyal friend promising to provide you relief. Your claim may be denied or delayed, or you may find your policy canceled after an initial payment of your claim.

The attorneys of our firm, Disability Insurance Law Group, can help you if you find yourself in this situation. Our firm is committed to devoting the resources, skills and expertise necessary to hold insurance companies accountable for the coverage they promised and the benefits you deserve.

Trust Our Dedicated and Experienced Disability Insurance Attorneys

Our firm’s lawyers have a great deal of expertise and experience in representing clients in their insurance claims, whether it is under a disability, long-term care or life insurance policy. Our goal is to help our clients navigate through the frustrating insurance claims process and relieve them of as much emotional and physical stress as possible.

The experienced attorneys at Disability Insurance Law Group assist individuals at every stage of the process, including assistance in filing a claim, responding to a delay of claim or denial of benefits (including denial of short-term and long-term disability claims), managing a continuing claim, negotiating lump sum settlements (“buyouts”), filing a complaint with the state agency regulating insurance companies, and filing a lawsuit when necessary. Our experience and extensive knowledge of the law and contractual obligations and rights under insurance policies can help you successfully obtain your insurance benefits.

You Receive Individualized Attention and Communication

We recognize the importance of individualized attention and the development of a specific strategy for your unique situation. No one person’s situation is identical to the next. This is why our attorneys are committed to reviewing each case file with a close eye and conducting in-depth interviews with each of our clients and their treating doctors. We also advise our clients in completing any forms or paperwork required by the insurance company, and we review every piece of paper submitted to the insurance company for information that we feel is at risk for being taken out of context.

We are not a high-volume firm that sends out “run of the mill” generic paperwork in our representation of you. Our goal is to provide you with individualized attention and to have regular communication with you as our client so that you remain informed of your legal rights and the status of your claim.

Let Us Deal With The Insurance Company for You

Contact us for a free initial consultation, by email or by calling (954)-989-9000. We are committed to reviewing pertinent documentation, carefully listening to your story and providing you with a realistic evaluation of your case that includes advising you of your legal options.

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