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Filing a Lawsuit

At Disability Insurance Law Group, we represent clients at all stages of their disability insurance, health insurance, life insurance and long-term care insurance claims, including aggressively seeking compensation in a lawsuit.

A well-prepared and well-documented application for benefits can prevent your insurance carrier from delaying or denying your insurance benefit claim. Moreover, many delays in payment or denials can be overturned prior to filing a lawsuit, by challenging the insurance company’s basis for the delay or denial and submitting the right information.

The attorneys at Disability Insurance Law Group work closely with our clients and their physicians, medical and vocational experts, employers and other necessary third parties to compile the information needed to support our client’s claim for benefits. We also vigorously negotiate with the insurance company to help resolve any claim disputes. However, if the insurance company refuses to overturn a wrongful denial, we aggressively fight to protect our client’s rights at trial.

Your Rights and Responsibilities Under Your Policy and the Law

Before ever filing a lawsuit, it is imperative that you understand your rights and obligations under your insurance policy and the law. Insurance benefit claims often involve highly complex legal issues and the failure to meet all necessary obligations under the policy can impair your ability to obtain all the benefits you deserve or even foreclose your ability to seek your rightful benefits in a court of law.

It is essential that the lawyer you choose to assert your rights in court understands the process, the law and the details of your policy. You do not have an automatic right to file a lawsuit in insurance benefit claims. You must follow the necessary procedure in order to secure your legal remedies. Under certain circumstances, you may be entitled to damages that exceed your policy limits due to your insurance carrier’s bad faith claims handling procedures and can obtain reasonable attorney’s fees for being forced to file a lawsuit.

Your claim delay or denial options under your policy and the law are typically different depending on whether you have a private or group insurance policy. It is imperative that you understand your policy, your rights and your obligations in the process.

Before You File Your Lawsuit, Contact Our Firm

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