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Individual Disability Insurance Denial

If your private insurance benefit claim is wrongfully denied, you may seek to collect under your policy by filing a breach of contract claim against your insurance company. However, prior to filing suit, many states and many insurance contracts require that you submit a demand for payment to the insurance company. If you do not, your case may be dismissed, and you may be barred from bringing the same claim against your insurance company in the future.

Knowledge of Your Contract Provisions = Power

It is important that you understand your contract provisions and abide by your obligations prior to filing suit.

Many insurance benefit claims are denied because claimants are unaware of what information they should submit and the deadlines that govern their claim. Accordingly, many claim denials can be overturned, simply by gathering the right information.

To do this, it is necessary to understand the common insurance company denial tactics, be able to recognize deceptive behavior insurance companies utilize to attempt to justify a wrongful denial, and identify the type of information that is most persuasive to insurance companies. Unfortunately, most claimants lack the resources or are unaware of how to gather the information necessary to challenge the insurance company.

We Understand the Entire Appeals and Litigation Process

Because the attorneys at Disability Insurance Law Group have extensive experience in preparing these appeals and litigating these disability claims, we understand what information is needed to prepare an effective appeal and the complicated legal issues that must be considered.

Should an appeal prove to be unsuccessful or not warranted, then it may be necessary to file a lawsuit. The attorneys at Disability Insurance Law Group will not hesitate to expend the time and resources necessary to aggressively advocate on our clients’ behalf during the appeals process or at trial.

Do Not Face the Insurance Companies Without Us at Your Side

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