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The Team To Take On Guardian/Berkshire With You

The Guardian Life Insurance Company owns a subsidiary called Berkshire Life Insurance Company that handles the disability insurance products for Guardian. At Disability Insurance Law Group, we often refer to these entities as Guardian/Berkshire. While Guardian/Berkshire offers some of the best disability insurance policies on the market, it does not always do as good a job at honoring them.

If you purchased disability insurance coverage through Guardian/Berkshire, you might find yourself frustrated by the companies’ constant delay tactics. You might even have found that they denied your claim for no reason. Our attorneys can help you hold them accountable and seek the disability benefits you deserve.

They Do Everything Possible To Avoid Paying

Many people choose Guardian/Berkshire because its disability insurance policies can offer excellent coverage. The problem, though, is that they rarely accept claims without a fight and too often wrongfully delay, deny and underestimate many perfectly valid claims.

In one infamous case, Guardian/Berkshire canceled the insurance policy of a man who had muscular dystrophy, even though he needed the medical services covered by his insurance just to survive. The insurance provider preferred to cancel his policy completely instead of providing his benefits.

Here To Protect Your Rights

Sadly, cases like this man’s are much too common. Our disability insurance lawyers see them every day. The good news is that we know exactly which steps to take to counteract Guardian’s underhanded strategies. In all, we have recovered millions of dollars in insurance benefits for clients with disabling injuries and illnesses.

Get The Benefits That Guardian/Berkshire Promised

Disability Insurance Law Group has a proven record of securing favorable results against insurance giants such as Guardian Berkshire. You can rely on us for representation from the beginning of your claim to the end. Call us at 954-633-8811 in Fort Lauderdale or send us an email to request a free, confidential initial consultation with one of our staff members.