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Getting The Coverage You Deserve From Prudential

When it comes to skimping on claimants’ disability insurance benefits, Prudential Financial Company is one of the worst in the insurance industry. We at Disability Insurance Law Group have seen this firsthand.

With decades of combined experience, our attorneys have successfully handled thousands of claims in which Prudential unfairly denied claims or offered much less than what the policyholder deserved. Fortunately, we have a proven record of getting fair settlements and monetary awards from Prudential for our clients.

Prudential Puts Profits Over People

Prudential Financial Company provides a variety of products aside from insurance. The company is infamous for taking any steps necessary to maximize its profits, even at the expense of policyholders who desperately need the insurance coverage promised in their policies. This strategy seems to work, as Prudential is one of the top five largest insurers in the nation and has more than one trillion dollars in assets.

Don’t Take A Buyout Without Talking To Us

Lately, one of its methods is to buy out customers’ existing policies. Buyouts are not necessarily a bad thing. If Prudential no longer wants to provide coverage for a certain policyholder, and the policyholder is unhappy with their coverage, a buyout puts cash in the policyholder’s pocket and saves Prudential from having to pay future claims.

However, you should never accept a buyout offer without first talking to an insurance lawyer. Insurance corporations prioritize profits over fairness and rarely make reasonable settlement offers. You need an attorney to make sure Prudential doesn’t take advantage of you.

Get Our Help To Get Your Benefits

If you have disability insurance through Prudential, and have filed a claim or your claim has been denied turn to Disability Insurance Law Group. We are ready to hold them accountable for the promises in your policy. To request a free, no-risk initial consultation with us, please call us at 954-633-8811 or send us an email.