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Appealing Denied or Delayed Life Insurance Claims

At the Disability Insurance Law Group, our firm assists clients with disputes involving denied or delayed life insurance claims. Our primary aim is to protect the rights of our clients, who may be policyholders or beneficiaries. We have successfully handled a vast array of cases involving life insurance claims, and we are fully prepared to litigate against large insurance corporations on our clients’ behalf.

Insurance Companies Have an Incentive to Deny Claims

Because insurance companies make more money when they deny claims, they often look for any opportunity to delay or deny life insurance coverage. They may accuse the deceased policyholder of fraud or misrepresentation, examine the application in an attempt to retroactively rescind or cancel the policy, or look for improper policy exclusions that would allow them to deny the claim.

Appealing a Denial of Life Insurance Benefits

Many wrongful denials of life insurance benefit claims can be overturned without the cost, frustration and delay of filing a lawsuit, simply by supplying the right information and knowing how to respond to your insurance company’s accusations. Understanding the common tactics utilized by insurance companies and recognizing their deceptive behavior is essential in securing your rights and preparing an effective response. However, before you proceed, it is vital that you understand your rights and obligations under your insurance policy and the law that governs your claim.

If you fail to meet your obligations, you may unknowingly fatally destroy your claim. Your response to your insurance company’s wrongful denial of your life insurance claim depends on the law that governs your claim. Private insurance policies, purchased independent from your employment, will fall under your state’s contract law. However, most group insurance policies, obtained as a product of employment (whether you pay your premiums or your employer pays the premiums) fall under the federal statute, ERISA. Both types of claims have unique and specific requires for claimants in responding to their insurance company’s wrongful denial.

Our Firm Helps Clients Prepare for the Appeal Process

The attorneys at Disability Insurance Law Group are dedicated to using their knowledge and experience in handling these complex legal issues to vigorously fight to protect our clients’ rights. Many denials can be overturned prior to litigation by effectively preparing an appeal in response to your insurance company’s wrongful denial of benefits. However, if an insurance company refuses to overturn its wrongful and unreasonable denial, we will aggressively fight to obtain all the benefits owed to our clients in a court of law. We have been successful in overturning countless private policy insurance benefit claim denials and ERISA-governed insurance benefit claim denials at all stages of the process.

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