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Common exclusions found in life insurance policies

Florida residents and others looking to purchase life insurance should understand that policies are binding contracts. Therefore, they may contain exclusions or exceptions that buyers need to look for prior to making a purchase. The exclusions or loopholes included in a life insurance policy are there to ensure that insurance companies can keep potential losses to a minimum. They may also be included to allow insurance companies to offer lower premiums compared to their competition.

Distinguishing between PTSD and TBI for your disability claim

When a person is unable to work due to a medical condition, he or she may need certain types of financial support. If you find yourself in this position, you may understand first-hand how complicated it can be to navigate the process of recovery, from getting the medical help you need to seeking financial support for your Florida family. You may find it necessary to pursue a disability insurance claim.

NFL Disability Claims

The National Football League is well known for denying the valid disability claims of its players. After submitting a claim for disability benefits to the NFL, which is self-insured and administrates all NFL claims, the player is often sent to numerous "neutral" medical examinations by physicians of the NFL's choosing. Not surprisingly, these doctors overwhelmingly find that the player is not disabled under the terms of the NFL's Disability Plan and the claim is denied.

Insurance Companies Continue to Discriminate Against Mental Health Treatment Despite Parity Laws

NPR recently published the web article, 'Mental Health Parity' Is Still An Elusive Goal In U.S. Insurance Coverage, written by Graison Dangor. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/06/07/730404539/mental-health-parity-is-still-an-elusive-goal-in-u-s-insurance-coverage.

Disability Insurance Law Group Wins Benefits Under a Cigna Disability Policy for Claimant Suffering From Fibromyalgia

Ms. R. was an executive of a large corporation for over 12 years. She was on track to take over the eastern division of her company. Ms. R. began noticing that during the day, she felt fatigued; however, it was not a normal feeling of being tired. It felt more like a weight draped over her body and mind. She assumed that she was just run down and needed a vacation. On the weekends, she stayed in and rested. However, this did not help. She was struggling to stay awake at work and focus during telephone calls and meetings. Ms. R. also began suffering from severe joint pain and body aches. At first, she assumed that this was just a product of her exhaustion - her body and mind were overworked. Before Ms. R. took over the eastern division, she decided to go on a two week vacation. She hoped that the time off would rejuvenate her. Unfortunately, the pain and fatigue did not go away with rest. In fact, she never felt worse. Despite this, Ms. R. returned from her vacation and started in her new position. However, as time went on, Ms. R.'s severe pain and fatigue only increased. She was struggling to get through each day. She was taking naps in her office, leaving work early, and forgetting important meetings. Ms. R.'s co-workers began to notice a change in her work product. At this point, Ms. R. knew something was wrong and began the long and frustrating process of trying to find a medical reason for her concerning symptoms.

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