On February 1-2, 2017, the American Conference Institute (“ACI”), one of the leading organizations on educating the insurance industry, conducted its 20th National Advanced Forum on Litigating Disability Insurance Claims. Alicia Paulino-Grisham was honored to again be invited to participate as a Speaker.

Ms. Paulino-Grisham was on a panel of attorneys discussing Total and Partial Disability provisions contain within disability insurance policies. Ms. Paulino-Grisham’s presentation addressed the various interpretations courts have applied when confronted with policies containing both provisions, the types of evidence necessary to establish a Total Disability claim, the current trends in the law, and the claim review process. It was an interactive presentation, with participation from attorneys representing claimants and those representing insurance companies.

As always, Ms. Paulino-Grisham was honored to be invited to speak at ACI and enjoyed the presentations and candid exchange of ideas with various colleagues in the disability insurance industry. She looks forward to many more years of participating with ACI.