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A Well-Prepared Claim And Applications Resulted In Benefits Under All Of Claimant’s Policies

On Behalf of Disability Insurance Law Group | | Application Process

The value of making sure all necessary proof of disability is obtained and clarified prior to filing a claim for disability benefits is imperative to the success of any claim, whether it is filed under a group policy, an individual policy, or multiple policies simultaneously. When filing a claim with multiple carriers, making sure the information submitted to each is well-supported and identical can be the difference between claim approval and claim denial under all policies, as most insurance companies require the claimant to identify all potential sources of disability income so they can share information.

A few months ago Mr. Blue, a pharmacist, contacted our firm to help him apply for long-term disability benefits under his employer’s group policy and disability benefits under the individual policy he procured on his own several years ago. Over the past year, Mr. Blue had been pushing himself to keep working despite significant back pain and foot pain. His physicians documented his complaints of pain, and noted some abnormalities on the scans and x-rays, but could not identify exactly what was causing him such intense pain, especially in his foot. At the time he hired our firm, Mr. Blue was in such agony that he could no longer effectively perform his job duties and took a medical leave. We received and reviewed copies of Mr. Blue’s medical records, communicated with his physicians to understand the findings and discussed what tests and examinations may help them better understand the source of Mr. Blue’s intense pain. We also worked with Mr. Blue and his employer to fully understand his job duties and how his symptoms prevented him from doing his job. It took several weeks, but we were able to obtain the probable sources of his pain, statements of support from his treating physicians, and the personal and financial documentation necessary to support his claim. We were part of the phone interview required by one of the carriers in order to make sure the claims representative asking the questions did not misrepresent what was stated by Mr. Blue and allowed him to fully explain his situation. Because we had submitted a very detailed claim application, the interview went quickly and smoothly as most of the questions had already been addressed on the claim forms. Within three weeks of filing the claim with both carriers Mr. Blue’s claims were approved. It should be noted that a claim approval does not mean that the insurance company will continue to pay benefits without ongoing proof of claim. We continue to work with Mr. Blue and his treating physicians to update both carriers and make sure the claimant forms and attending physician forms contain the information necessary to keep him on claim.

No matter what stage of the disability process you are in – whether you need to apply for benefits, have already applied but are waiting for a determination, have been denied benefits, have been approved but are frustrated with the ongoing requests for information and proof of claim, wish to seek a lump sum buyout of your policy, or believe litigation is necessary, Disability Insurance Law Group has extensive experience in each area and has handled thousands of disability claims with almost every disability carrier on the market. Please feel to contact our law firm for a free consultation regarding your claim for disability benefits. We will be happy to go over the details of your particular policy and insurance carrier.

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