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Debilitating PTSD Makes Living Nearly Impossible For Some People

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Many Florida residents experience traumatic events. Some of them are able to deal with the situation and move on with life within a reasonable amount of time. However, others cannot move on from the trauma quite to so easily. They tend to bear the scars from the event for a significant amount of time and to the point where it takes over normal life.

If you feel this way, you more than likely suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. You may hear PTSD thrown about by people for seemingly trivial issues. They do so because they don’t realize how debilitating this condition can be in the aftermath of a traumatic situation. If you suffer from PTSD, you may often hear from others that you “should just move on” from what happened. Those people just don’t understand the depth of your distress.

Life becomes too much

Your entire life is marred by the trauma you experienced and the PTSD associated with it. Your ability to even make it through ordinary daily tasks may diminish. You may find it difficult to function at work or school, and social situations become nearly impossible to participate in regardless of how hard you try. Over time, you may experience the following:

  • You begin missing work more often, which puts your employment in jeopardy.
  • Your income drops since you are unable to go to work.
  • You may require significant medical care and medication just to get through the day, and sometimes, it’s not enough.
  • You suffer from social, physical and occupational disabilities.

These situations often result from your constant disorientation and fear. The thought of leaving your home may cause panic. You feel stuck in a never-ending loop that includes reliving the traumatic experience in your mind. You probably suffer from flashbacks, nightmares and other intrusive thoughts and memories. Your emotions and behaviors are often negative in nature, but you can’t help it.

Under these circumstances, you may make a claim against your disability insurance. The problem is that many of the claims come back denied due to the subjectivity associated with mental conditions such as PTSD.

Whether you are just now considering filing a claim against a disability insurance policy or received a denial to your initial claim, you do have options. To understand your rights and learn what options are available to you, you may need to seek out some help. A compassionate and experienced attorney could prove invaluable in your pursuit.

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