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Claims For Long-Term Care Insurance Benefits

On Behalf of Disability Insurance Law Group | | Denied Long Term Care Claims

In Florida, your claim for long-term care benefits is governed by your long-term care insurance policy. If you’re no longer able to care for your needs on your own and need to go into a long-term care facility, it’s important to obtain a complete copy of your insurance policy prior to filing a benefits claim.

There are strict time limits that you must follow to notify your long-term care insurance company about your need for long-term care. You also must file a proof of claim for benefits within a time period that will be determined by your policy. The insurance company must then respond within a certain time period and send claim forms to you. You will need to submit enough evidence that proves your need for benefits or your claim will be denied.

Your application form for your long-term care benefits is very important. It can provide the foundation for the entire process that you will go through. As a part of the process, the insurance company might ask you to sit down for an interview in person or to complete one over the telephone. It might be a good idea to have a representative attend an interview with you.

At the Disability Insurance Law Group, we represent people who are applying for long-term care benefits as well as those whose claims have been denied. Our attorneys understand that insurance companies may deny valid claims simply so that they can make more money. We’re able to help our clients gather the evidence they need so that their claims for benefits have a greater chance of being accepted. We also assist people with appealing their denials. To learn more about long-term care insurance claims, you might want to read the information we’ve compiled on our long-term care benefits page.

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