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Fighting Back Against Disability Claims Denials

On Behalf of Disability Insurance Law Group | | Denied Private Disability Ins. Claims

When Florida residents file claims with their private or group disability insurance, they may be surprised to find themselves confronted with delays or denials of the claim. This can be devastating as people often rely on these insurance policies to provide much-needed support when they are unable to work. However, there are a number of ways to deal with this problem. If you are filing a claim for benefits or facing a denial, it may be helpful to understand the options available.

In many cases, you can prevent the denial of a disability benefits claim by working to ensure that your application strictly meets the guidelines provided by the insurance company. It may be possible to push back on a delayed or denied claim by using the insurance company’s appeals process and presenting key information or evidence to support your unfairly denied claim. In addition, a disability lawyer might be able to negotiate a settlement in order to resolve the dispute.

You may need to go through all of the administrative options available when seeking to overturn a denied benefits claim before you file a suit. In some cases, people who do not go through all of these procedures first find themselves later barred from filing a lawsuit. However, these procedures might not provide meaningful relief and often seem to only add additional delays.

You may feel that your disability insurance company is determined not to pay out the benefits that you rightfully deserve. Our experienced attorneys have a long track record in handling delayed or denied benefits claims throughout the associated administrative processes as well as in the courtroom. If you want to learn more about appealing a denied insurance claim, you can learn more on our website.

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